You’ve probably heard of LinkedIn before, but you’ve never really paid attention to what it is and what it is for. In fact by creating a LinkedIn account, you agree to be among the professionals because it is a platform that is full of more than 500 million professional’s accounts over the world.

Creating your account gives you some visibility and also allows you to see everything. You have an eye not only on the strategy of your competitors but also on their progresses.

To be better at your industry in 2020, you need to know everything that weighs in your industry and this is possible thanks to LinkedIn. It’s a social networking platform and here’s some reason why you absolutely must have a LinkedIn account.

Its notice board

LinkedIn has a powerful notice board for job offer which could be useful to anyone looking for a job.

Job seekers are generally very satisfied with this option that LinkedIn offers. Its job offer notice board is impressive because, thanks to it you can apply directly to offers from the platform directly for certain offers.

This notice board also allows you to do job searches using a keyword, so you have the option of setting job alerts.

If you are interested in an offer but have concerns about your current employer, click on “I am interested” and the platform will hide this from the person in your company.

The visibility

With LinkedIn, you can grow your contacts and gain stunning visibility and popularity. This platform is filled with entrepreneurs why not take the opportunity to broaden your knowledge according to your profits.

LinkedIn is the ideal place to find and have reliable business partners. During this time, contractors with the reverse process can also access you.

To have a dynamic website

Did you know that with LinkedIn you can make your website more dynamic than before? Well, LinkedIn serves as a springboard to bounce back and revitalize your website.

You just have to create an account giving enough detail about your business to attract visitors but not too much detail just the minimum.

This is in order to push them to follow the navigation on your site to satisfy their curiosity. Imagine how many people you can reach with this method which will increase traffic to your website.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, create one and make good use of it.