Whale VPN for PC
Whale VPN

Name: Whale VPN

Description: Whale VPN for pc is one of the highly commendable and popular VPN. The Whale VPN is a VPN app that ensures user’s security and free flow use of apps. The Whale VPN is a not only effective but it also but also very fast, safe and secure. It is one of the best VPN apps in the world showing no signs of slowing down.Whale VPN could is a free utility software system app that may be placed beneath the system maintenance class.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Software

Author: Alex

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Key Features

  • It is free. You do not need to subscribe to the application to use it
  • It has an infinite bandwidth so it can be used anywhere, and at anytime
  • Whale VPN is available with a boatload of proxy IPs.
  • Protection of private information
  • Anonymous surfboarding
  • Versatile and easily accessible


  • It is free
  • Interface is enticing and simple to use
  • It give protection to user information
  • Access all the platforms 
  • It doesn’t need registration


  • The coding may not be sturdy enough
  • Breaks in connections
  • Profiles makes it prone to hackers
Whale VPN For PC

Whale VPN For PC is free for all users which implies no charges. The app is open to download in all location

No user-names or passwords

It doesn’t need users to register before use therefore there’s no for a username or password, simply install and use.

Removes location restrictions

Do you have platforms that you can’t access in your location? This app helps users bypass any potential restriction or services not supported in their current location.

Security Once Connected To Wi-Fi

Whale VPN For PC additionally provides security of users information once connected over a Wi-Fi network. It prevents the information from being leaked or accesse by external party.

Anonymous surfboarding

Whale VPN For PC

This feature permits users to be anonymous when browsing the web. This means that the identity of users will be hidden with the utilization of this app.

How to Install and Use Whale VPN

The Whale VPN is a very easy and secure app to use. It is equally easy to download and install. Here is a guide on how to go about installation of this app on your PC.

How to install Whale VPN For PC

Install and Use Whale VPN

The steps to download and install this app is extremely easy.

  •  Search and Install BlueStacks then run the installer.
  •  Complete the one-time setup.
  •  Head to the search bar at the top-right corner and search for Whale VPN.
  •  Click on the icon and install
  •  Once installation has been completed, click the icon on “My Apps” tab.
  •  That’s all. Now you can proceed to use the app on your PC.

How to use

In order to use Whale VPN, you would first need to change unknown sources within the settings.

  • Go to the settings tab by clicking the 3 dotted icon at the higher left corner of your screen
  • Click on security then change unknown sources. Once this can be done, simply connect and begin surfboarding the web


If you desire access to certain sites or you want to use certain services that are principally restricted in your location, then Whale VPN is the best choice for you. Whale VPN is fast, easy and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it free?

Yes the app is completely free

  • Do I need to be an expert to use the app?

The app is very easy to use

Best Alternatives Whale VPN FOR PC

Proton VPN

This VPN is one that boasts of its unlimited usage and enticing options alongside varied servers in various locations. It additionally runs on a strict no log policy and is among the easiest to use. It also has a strong security and privacy policy. It runs a free version and a subscription-based version as well. You can pick whichever works best for your needs. The version that has been labeled free is really excellent and enough for most of the activities. The paid version is cheap and offers even higher service as well.

How to install

To install ProtonVPN

  • On the search bar of your browser type “download Proton VPN”.
  • Choose the link
  •  Click the blue button and install from the extension.
  •  To use simply click on the proton VPN icon. Run it on your PC and use it to log into the sites you wold like to use it with.

Winscribe VPN

This VPN is one that’s standing higher than average within the rankings of best free VPN that provides a monthly information cap of 10GB that is generally easy to be used with a public Wi-Fi or affiliation. Other than having a free version that offers a lot of activities on its own, they even have a paid version that offers even more services and additional benefits. It has no information cap and is unlimited. The free version additionally has servers from eleven locations whereas the paid has unlimited information connections.

How to install

  • Go to your desired browser and type in “download Winscribe VPN”
  • ii. Choose the link
  • iii. Click on the blue button and install from the extension.


Whale VPN for pc It is useful for those that wish to bypass restrictions and access sites that don’t seem to be receptive their location. The app is very easy to use, and easy to download as well. This app provides access to a wide range of services that are restricted to your current location. Not only is it very efficient but it is also very secure and poses no threat to your device. It is fast and completely glitch free.