Typorama for PC
Typorama for pc

Name: Typorama

Description: Typorama for pc is a superb app for Android, iPhone, and iPad that allows you to a couple of different customizations transform your text into stunning typographic designs. You follow in Typorama the simple workflow. For the background first, a picture selects to use. Either employing a keyword search or from the default settings pick one. Priced at $2.99 normally, but Typorama now just free! With wild text designs, Typorama is a superb way for your photos to spruce up. The photo you want to type the text and easily mention the edit you want to feature.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: iOS, Android, Windows 10

Application Category: Text & Photo editor

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Key Features

  • Randomly 28 different typographic text styles generating.
  • The world’s top designers almost 100 different typefaces and fonts.
  • Your designs enriching ribbons, badges, artistic ornaments, and curved text.
  • Ability to your text to 3D distort shadows and apply gradient colors.
  • To inspire you loads of pre-installed quotes.
  • For your words best color combinations.
  • Free stock photography from Pixabay thousands of completely.
  • Unlimited stylish randomization.
  • Super crisp high-resolution output 2048 x 2048.
  • Ability to have logo/watermark/signature adding.


  • It is fully freed from cost.
  • Available for Android, iOS, and PC.
  • Your words Stylize automatically.
  • Easy to use.
  • Editing, filters, and overlay options with Great image control.
  • The text has gradients, colors, and shadows with more options.
  • Very easier to incorporate watermarks within the photo.
  • Editing photos are very easy if you return and need to ruin


  • Behind the presets can’t be moved the photos.
  • Perplexed has 3-D Text me.
  • A bit limited in its scope.
Typorama for pc

Typorama for PC Randomly generating quite many different typefaces and fonts, the world’s top designers are created those typefaces and fonts. Those words of your mind you type. Employing a ribbon or badge of your work enhances the sweetness. Choose in Pixabay, quite thousands of free photography stock in. Randomly generating quite 100 different fonts with 47 different text styles.

3D Distortion:

If you would like you’ll use 3D distort. Next, if you’re interested to feature a shadow, gradient color the text of your choice. Easily use gradient colors, 3D distort, photo filters, shadows, and overlays in your text. In your pictures also include watermarks.

Logo Design:

Your organization or business you’ll design logos with different shades, colors typefaces, and fonts.

Easily share with social media:

Memorable image or your family image you’ll share through social media together with your friends. Typorama is extremely easily share with others your masterpiece on your favorite channel of social media. You’ll share typorama via instant messages also together with your friends. In perfect size, your art to crop options is out there that might best fit your social media wallpapers, posters, flyers, and post. Cropping size options for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube video thumbnail, Twitter, iPhone wallpaper, LinkedIn post, and other all the sizes.

How to Install Typorama for PC

How to Install Typorama for PC

Typorama version is predicated on iPad and iOS for text on photo, so for PC, this App isn’t supported. You’ll use with help of Emulator. At present-day Bluestacks Emulator App is that the hottest emulators. To download and install the typorama, on your PC by following this step given below.

  • First, download Bluestack Emulator and install it.
  • Then, log in together with your email id and password.
  • Then, open any browser.
  • And click on the Apple App Store and searching typorama.
  • Then install typorama and launch typorama to be used.

Install Typorama for iOS

  • Click the Apple App Store and checking out typorama.
  • Then install typorama and launch typorama to be used.

Install Typorama for Android.

  • Click the Google Play Store and finding out typorama.
  • Then install typorama and launch typorama to be used.
Typorama for pc


I would recommend this Typorama because of easily editing photos and adding creative text filters and designs. Using Typorama you’ll create wallpapers for your iPad or iPhone device. Make posters and flyers for your upcoming programs and events. Some time is saved using Typorama you usually get exceptional text styles and layout.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Typorama Available for Android?

You can download this app on iOS platforms and Android. You’ll apply filters, change photo effects, emoji, stickers, add frames, and text to form more attractive photos.

What is Typorama?

This a simple to use, neat app, capable and efficient of creating you appear as if a graphic designer pro. Download this app now If you using an iPhone.

Can you use Typorama for commercial use?

Create superb visuals in Typorama by “automagically” transforming your photos and text into excellent typographic designs. All included fonts and pictures allowed to be used full commercially!

How do I cancel my subscription to Typorama?

To manage or cancel your subscription, attend manage your Apple ID in your iOS device’s settings. Log in to the App Store/iTunes, click Typorama, and click on to show off the auto-renewal option for manage the subscription.

Best Alternatives Typorama For PC

Best Alternatives Typorama For PC

Just like any other application, Typorama has similar alternatives as explained below:

PickLab – Photo Editor

Picklab maybe a Beautiful application to feature superb artwork and typography. Editing photos with enjoyment and fun. Look more fantastic to make your favorite photos by editing with stunning photo effects and filters.

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects.

LightX Photo Editor is an available application on both iOS and Android devices. This app using is extremely easy. This app is best for adding stickers, frames, backgrounds changing, cutouts, hair color changing to your favorite photos.

PicsKit – Free Photo Art Effects Editor.

Piskit maybe a photo lab editor with layer-based to editing photos that permits anyone. Unlimited image layers during this app. This Application editing Photos sort of a professional


Typorama for PC is one of the simplest typography apps that is in today’s market. It’s a countless number of wonderful features and functions. That’s why rated five out of 5 many Typorama users. If you’re a graphic text and graphic design lover, then Typorama is merely for you.