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Name: Tubi TV

Description: Tubi TV download for pc is an amazing free streaming site which has a cache of over 50 thousand media titles from movies to shows, Tubi also has key partnerships with studios like Lionsgate, Paramount and others. Tubi TV is also free to stream and watch but the catch is you can’t download from the Tubi site, however with the Tubi TV download users can download their favorite content from Tubi TV quickly and conveniently no need to always stream your movies you can get them into device and watch later easily.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

Application Category: Entertainment

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Key Features

  • Download your favorite content form Tubi TV
  • Download movie in a batch
  • Store and save downloads in variety of file formats
  • Edit your downloads
  • Download works for other streaming sites


  • Tubi download is easy to use
  • Download your favorite content
  • Genre at your convenience
  • Save downloads in any format
  • Edit your files
  • Download movies in groups
  • Convert files within the download


  • Can’t be gotten from any app store
Tubi TV Download for PC

The Tubi TV Download for PC is very easy to use and get a hang of, to copy your favorite content just pic k the link and paste into the downloader and it will process the file for downloading

Get your favorite content

It helps you get your favorite Tubi TV content from shows to movies, the downloader helps you pick your favorite shows and movies to download them into your device

Editing feature

You can edit your videos and audios using Tubi TV download anywhere and anytime, the downloader comes with an editing feature.

Tubi TV Download for PC

Group downloads

You can download the files in groups or batches.

Save in your file format

There are a variety of file formats you can save your downloads in, from MP4, to MKV files the file format storage is in your hands.

How to Install Tubi TV Download for PC

The software is easy to get on your PC and download. Allavsoft is the Tubi TV downloader software that you require to enjoy Tubi TV but it actually would cost you to get, although you have a trial period to test the downloader. To download Allavsoft follow these steps;

How to Install Tubi TV Download for PC

How to install

To download and install is quite simple.

  • First download Allavsoft from the official site
  • Install and then launch
  • Proceed to Tubi TV website find the show or Movie you would like to download
  • Click on it and get the Tubi video URL and paste it into Allavsoft

How to use

The following are steps to download movies from Tubi TV using the Allavsoft downloader

  • Search for the Movie or show you want to download
  • Copy the URL from Tubi TV website
  • Paste or drop into Allavsoft in the empty space bar
  • The format to be downloaded will show
  • If you don’t want this format click “Automatically convert” button to convert
  • When it’s done converting, download and watch
How to Install Tubi TV Download for PC


Using the Allavsoft downloader you are sure to get the best out of Tubi TV’s awesome content from shows to movies and others. We recommend the Allavsoft downloader as the perfect software to enjoy your Tubi TV downloads. It gives you total control over your downloads from editing to file formats. If you want to enjoy Tubi TV then you need to get this.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I enjoy Tubi Movies offline

It’s absolutely possible to, with the Tubi TV downloader Allavsoft installed in your PC.

  • Is the Tubi Movie downloader free?

The downloader is available for free trial but you would need to pay after the trial period.

  • How do I get it on my PC?

Just download from the Allavsoft websites, its available for Windows so you can install and use it right away.

  • Can I access Tubi TV movies offline outside the US

The Downloader enables you to access movies and shows on Tubi TV even though you don’t live in the USA.

Best Alternatives for Tubi TV Downloader for PC

Here are a number of other downloaders you can use for Tubi TV to access and get your favorite Tubi TV movies and shows.

Windows Video downloader

Best Alternatives for Tubi TV Downloader for PC

This awesome downloader built for the Windows operating system allows users download movies and content from a variety of websites. Using this downloader you can download from Netflix, Ted, Vimeo, and YouTube. You can also download multiple videos at once and even get your downloads in batches if you want to. The downloader is not free though you would have to purchase it.

To install and use follow these steps:

Ultimate Downloader for PC

This downloader lets you download content from a variety of websites online, the downloader is also very to use, converts your download files also letting you save in your preferred format types.

To download and install:


Gigaget is a powerful download manager which is very useful for downloading large files, it’s easy to use and navigate through and also comes with a very interactive and attractive user interface making it easy to understand. It allows users download movies, video content, music and even games. Gigabyte also allow users to download on batches and comes with a task manager where you can view and manage downloaded files.

To download and install:

  • Search for the Gigaget downloader online
  • Once it turns up, follow the instructions given
Best Alternatives for Tubi TV Downloader for PC


Tubi TV download for pc is a great entertainment site which is still increasing in Fans and users. Offering great content for free it’s a great substitute for a site like Netflix for those who aren’t interested in paying any fees to watch and view. With the Tubi downloader you can take your enjoyment of the app to another level of amazing having the files directly available in your PC offline so you can watch on your PC or transfer to your TV. Allavsoft is the perfect downloader for Tubi TV offering so many benefits and opportunities for users. Get now to enjoy.