Tubemate for PC Windows is best suited for all YouTube downloads straight to our phone. With Tubemate, save videos securely to your memory card and easily watch them offline. The windows version of Tubemate is easy to use and includes a “browser” that gives you direct access to the video you are interested in. You also have the option of making downloads of different qualities and formats that you choose to save in your device. Tubemate is also available for Mac users.

How to download Tubemate for Windows PC and Mac

Tubemate for PC is an android app suitable for all YouTube downloads in various formats. If you have Tubemate in your windows and your mac, you have the option to download specific videos to your pc. But, there is no way to download Tubemate for your Mac or PC without going through an external application. Bluestacks is the best suitable Android emulator to install Tubemate on your PC. Here you will find how to download Tubemate to your laptop with Bluestacks.

Method one: How to download Tubemate for pc via Bluestacks

We will explain the first method which is to download Tubemate through Bluestacks.

1. First of all download and launch bluestacks on your computer.

2. After opening Bluestacks, click on the search button for the application player.

3. In the search field, search for “Tubemate for PC” and press so that the search result appears.

4. Once you have the result for Tubemate, you will be redirected to Google Playstore and the installation option.

5. Click the install button to start the installation of Tubemate.

6. Navigate to Bluestacks where you will find tube mate already installed on your PC or Mac.

Tubemate for PC Windows and Mac
Tubemate for PC Windows and Mac

Method two: How to Download Tubmate Apk on your Windows or Mac

Downloading Tubemate for PC using APK format file, the second and final method used to download Tubemate on your laptop.

1. First of all, you need to download the Tubemate APK file directly to your PC.

2 After the apk file is downloaded, open it through Bluestacks.

3. Once the file is opened via Bluestacks, it is automatically installed on your PC.

4. Once the installation process is complete, you will find the app in “All apps” of the Bluestacks player.

5. Well done, your desired videos can now be downloaded to your Mac PC devices.

Tubemate download for pc mac

How to Download Tubemate for Android

Tubemate apk is known to be the best video downloader app for Android devices. Here’s how to download and install the app on your Android and enjoy its features.

  1. Go to your browser and type download Tubemate APK
  2. You can also type in “” and tap the download source on the screen.
  3. Now press the download button to start the download
  4. Please be patient until the APK file download is complete and ready to install.
  5. Once done, press installs to have the app installed on your device (Make sure your phone is set to install apps from unknown sources).
  6. Once the application installation is complete, choose “open” or “finished”.
  7. After that you will see the Tubemate app on the main screen of your phone.

How to Download Tubemate for iPhone

You’ve probably already done the research to get an idea on how to download tubemate for your iPhone; I can imagine you haven’t found anything concrete. Indeed, there is no Tubemate iPod / iPhone or iOS version. These are usually spas or bogus information that you will find on these websites. However, if you do a search on the iPhone App Store, you will find a version for tubemate developed “Dan Adam”.

Some Tubemate alternatives for iPhone users

Although Tubemate is not available to iPhone users, there are a few alternatives that you can use and enjoy much of the same functionality as Tubemate.

1. YourTube

With Yourtube, you have the option to download videos that you liked to watch directly from another website. With this, you can keep the videos you like to watch for offline enjoyment.

2. RealPlayer

RealPlayer is a multi-faction popular app that will provide you with features like, media downloader, converter, organize, and web videos.

3. iMusic OS 10

iMusic OS 10 is an application with intuitive functionality. It is one of the most used apps that people use to browse the music they love to listen to around the world. Its interface is simple and user-friendly, anyone can use it.

How to use Tubemate to Download Videos

Tubemate is definitely the secret for anyone who wants to download their favorite media content from the internet. After reading this, you will learn how to clearly download content from websites like YouTube and watch it later. It is advantageous to use Tubemate as it allows you to go out safely as you will be able to watch content safely while offline.

1. Open Tubemate and once in the app you will see the three stripe icon on the top left.

2. After that a drop down menu with a list of websites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

3. Select a website from which you want to download the video. For example Youtube

4. Now from the available search bar, write the song or the name of the video that you would like to download.

5. Once the result of our search appears, tap on the video among others to access it.

6. Now a red icon will appear directly at the bottom right of the video, tap on it.

7. After tapping on the red icon, a menu with several options of download formats and some details will appear.

8. After selecting the above download option, you need to tap the red icon with an arrow.

9. You will probably see a message indicating that it is necessary to download the MP3 converter.

10. Once you go to download the app, you will come back to Tubemate and keep the video that we were going to download. Tap the download icon again

11. Now climb on the arrow above the bottom center and press it. You will then see the download status displayed.

12. Permission will be requested to scrub MP3 video converter application in the background.

You now know how to use the Tubemate app. All you have to do is enjoy the application online or offline.

Tubemate for PC Windows and Mac
Tubemate for windows pc

Alternative to Tubemate for Windows PC


Newpipe is a front-end YouTube downloader for Android. With Newpipe, you don’t need to have a YouTube API to download videos from YouTube. You can use the app without a Google service installed on your device. You can also use Newpipe to download videos without necessarily having a YouTube account.


Vidmate is a powerful video downloader originally designed to download YouTube videos. The special thing about Vidmate is that it is also able to download from other websites like Facebook and some streaming videos. You can also share videos from Vidmate to other websites. One advantage is that Vidmate also allows you to download videos from an adult website to your phone.

HQ Video Downloader

HQ Video Downloader is a very easy to use downloader and allows user to download videos from over 200 video streaming sites. With this app, you can easily search and download videos from various websites including major ones. Here, you have the option to search for a video using keywords so that you won’t have any difficulty in exploring your favorite videos. You can also set up a playlist to listen to later after downloading.


PlayTube is the best app for those who love music and want to quickly explore their favorite content. The app lets you search for your favorite artist quickly and effortlessly and also allows you to create a playlist to discover trending music and the latest content. Thanks to its free YouTube pop-up, you can listen to music freely. Hence a free YouTube player that allows you to check your news feed and reply while watching videos. You can also record music through the app and download content in various formats.

Conclusion of Tubemate

Use Tubemate for Windows Pc and Mac for downloading videos from many websites including YouTube. The application itself is available for those who use Android phones and for those who use PCs (Windows and Mac) even if used through an Android emulator. As far as iPhone users are concerned, there is no version of the app, but we have taken some care to present some alternatives which have the same features as Tubemate.