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trinus vr apk for windows 7

Game title: Trinus VR APK

Game description: Trinus VR apk for pc is an amazing app that takes entertainment pleasure for gamers to another level. By installing the app on their device the device is turned into a high-end virtual reality headset for PC. Trinus VR connects your android to your PC so gamers can play their favorite games in Virtual Reality and experience gaming with their favorite games like they never had. It is able to do this by utilizing sensors found in your phone for head tracking which allows the monitoring of a gamer’s head position and orientation. Trinus VR can only work with Daydream devices or smartphones, these are devices which are built for Virtual Reality their features include; high resolution displays, ultra smooth graphics and high-fidelity sensors.

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Key Features

  • You can play variety of PC games
  • Supports wireless mode, no need for cables
  • Supports games without VR controllers
  • Compatible with variety of headsets
  • Converts most games to work in VR


  • Heightened enjoyment of gaming
  • Supports wide variety of PC games
  • Variety of VR Headsets
  • Still play games without VR controllers
  • Wireless mode for convenience


  • Works only daydream smart phones
  • Not working with all PC versions yet
  • Would need to use with other devices
  • Can be addictive
Trinus VR APK for PC
trinus vr apk for mac

With the Trinus VR APK for PC, users can enjoy a variety of PC games in virtual reality. Trinus supports a wide variety of PC games which includes GTA, Minecraft etc. so they can experience the VR side of their favorite games and derive so much more enjoyment.

Wireless mode support

These feature enables gamers move fluidly while gaming without being bothered by wires getting entangled or stepping on them while gaming. You can turn a full 360 and enjoy unlimited movement freedom while gaming.

Virtual reality converter

The app comes with a VR converter which allows users play and experience even non VR games in Virtual reality.

Trinus VR APK for PC

Supports Steam VR games

Steam powered is an awesome store which delivers the very best of PC games you could ever find, with the Trinus VR app you can enjoy games downloaded and gotten straight from the Steam’s VR games. You gaming choices and enjoyment just skyrocketed.

Compatible with various Day dream headsets

The app is compatible with variety of VR enabled headsets and not limited in its compatibility, headsets supported includes; Google Cardboard, Homido, Freefly, VR One, Lenovo Mirage Solo etc.

How to Install and use Trinus VR APK for PC

Trinus VR APK for PC

Install and using Trinus is quite easy but you would have to follow the guidelines for use and setup rigidly, to use Trinus VR requires a combination of four components; a PC with an Intel Integrated graphics card enabled, a Daydream smartphone, a VR headset plus the Trinus app. To install Trinus just follow these steps.

How to install

To download and install is quite simple.

Trinus VR APK for PC

How to Use

This following icons show exactly how Trinus VR works it’s a combination of four components a PC, a daydream smartphone, a VR headset and the Trinus VR app

  • Open the Trinus VR app on your PC by clicking on the icon in your Bluestacks, the Trinus interface would be opened showing you a variety of options
  • The Trinus VR app mirrors your windows display to your android phone smartphone in a split screen VR mode you would need to connect your phone to your PC
  • You can do this with a USB cable so turn on the USB tethering by going to settings once done
  • Open Trinus on your PC and phone, tap on the “Connect” buttons on both apps and your Windows display would be mirrored to your smartphone in VR mode
  • You would see this image showing its connected
  • Next run the game you want to play with Google Cardboard on your PC but make sure you run the game in windows mode not full screen
  • Next make sure you run the game in a lower graphics and lower resolution mode 4;3 or 8;9 for best performance
  • If the PC game you want to play doesn’t support window mode you can run in window mode using an app like “DxWnd” which ensures games open windowed


If you want to enjoy your games in the VR mode you need the Trinus VR app not only does it give you a great VR experience it also uses a VR adapter allowing you to relive your favorite games again in VR guaranteeing more enjoyment. We recommend that you ensure you have all the four components to sue and enjoy Trinus also we advise you use wisely as it can be addictive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Trinus VR app?

Trinus VR is an awesome app that allows users to play their favorite PC games on VR via their PC and a VR headset.

  • Is the app free?

There is a free version but its limited, to enjoy Trinus its best you get the paid version

  • Can I use it on my PC?

Yes you can run it on PC using a Bluestacks emulator

  • Is it the best VR app?

While there are several VR apps out there, Trinus stands out from its competitors because of its high compatibility and user friendly features.

Best Alternatives for Trinus VR

Here are other similar VR apps to Trinus VR.

Alternatives for Trinus VR


This is a virtual reality headset app for android devices, it’s a SteamVR-compatible Virtual reality app which is compatible with your Google cardboard, it requires the Windows 7 and later versions which uses a Direct 11 and later versions graphics cards with Valve Steam and SteamVR installed. It supports wired USB connections and Wi-Fi connections.

To install and use follow these steps:

  • On the search bar of your browser type “download Blue Stacks”  and install into your PC
  • Search for the APK file download and drag and drop into Bluestacks the app would immediately install
  • To use you would have to go through the user guide line and connect all relevant devices

Dream VR

Dream VR is an awesome app that lets users control their content, it’s called the biggest VR TV as it offers users various content in various channels. With this app users can watch their favorite shows and live sports using their Virtual headset.

To download and install:

  • Download and install Bluestacks emulator on your PC
  • Launch Bluestacks, go to the Playstore icon to access the store
  • Search for the Dream VR app and install it by clicking on the install button
  • When finished go to the interface to locate your app icon

VR Streamer

With this app users can stream PC games to their phones and back on to their PC; to enjoy the app you would need a VR Streamer phone and server app downloaded on your phone and PC. The app is compatible with the android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich and later versions. The app works with your phone, to your PC and VR headset.

To download and install:

  • Get the Bluestacks emulator on your PC
  • Install and open the App
  • Search for VR streamer APK and download it
  • Drag and drop to your emulator, it would be installed instantly


Trinus VR apk for pc is a fun app for gamers, if you want to enjoy and experience your gaming like never before you need to get this app as quickly as you can. Although there are a number of apps similar to the Trinus it stands out because of its convenient compatibility, wireless connection and ability to turn normal games into VR experience. If you want the best of PC VR gaming this app should be your number one choice.