The most popular search engines in the world are Google and Bing. Apart from these there is several other very powerful search engines which may not be well known but are used by millions of people.

It would be shocking to many to know that Google is not the only search engine that they can search. We are going to limit ourselves here to the three of the most used search engines.

  • Google

As many of you would expect, Google is the number one most used search engine on the net. It is far ahead of Bing following by over 60 percent. This difference is very surprising but understandable because much preferred to use Google than any other search engine to know if they know of their existence.

As for the phone and tablet market, Google also wins with over 81 percent of the market share. To take advantage of this browser’s market share, you will need to optimize your website for Google simply.

  • Bing

You will surely have guessed it too. Well Bing comes second in the ranking of search engines in the world after Google. Bing is also widely used but not as much as Google because given the difference and statistics it would even be difficult for Bing to match Google as a search engine.

It should be noted that, Bing is a Microsoft product which was originally designed to challenge Google in search engine domain. This effort did not succeed because, despite their monumental effort, it could not match the giant search engine that is Google.

Bing is not as convincing as Google in the search result and their market is mostly inferior in the search engine arena. It is noted that Bing is the default search engine for Windows PCs.

  • Yahoo

You probably guessed it, so yahoo is one of the most popular email providers and occupies an important place in the world ranking. It should be noted that Yahoo search was powered exclusively by Bing.

It is also good to know that in 2015, Yahoo made an agreement with Google to provide search-related services and since then, the results of searches made at yahoo have been fed by both Google and Bing. Yahoo can boast of it is also the default search engine for Firefox browsers in the United States.