Toon Blast for pc
Toon Blast

Name: Toon Blast

Description: Toon Blast for pc is a cartoon puzzle game that consists of different boxes and obstacles. To play this game, you are to tap the cubes in other to form a complete colour pattern of two or more same boxes. Obstacles are to be destroyed to be able to get more combos. To win the player must earn stars by winning a particular level. The game was initially released on the 5th of March 2018.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Windows, Mac

Application Category: Games

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Key features

  • Fascinating graphics with a simple to use controls.
  • The game is super exciting to play.
  • It consists of boosters that help to blast obstacles.
  • The combos earned when playing.
  • The ability to strategically plan for the next move sparks cognitive reasoning.
  • The game has a limited number of moves to be carried out to achieve ultimate goals.


  • Eye-catching cartoons.
  • Easily enjoyable and playable by everyone.
  • Internet connection is not needed to play.
  • Improvement in concentration and problem-solving skills.
  • Improves cognitive reasoning and help spark mental acuity .


  • It is enjoyable only by true puzzle lovers.
  • It is highly addictive.
  • It is time-wasting.
  • In-app purchase.
  • Unreal game theme.
Toon Blast For PC

Toon Blast for pc is simply played by combining squares that are similar in colors, the app has a friendly interface and sleek graphics that makes the game super exciting to play.

Variety of levels.

The game consists of thousands of levels to be enjoyed; every level has its own distinct goal to be achieved and also different challenges which needs strategic planning. Difficulty increases as you progress in the game, gold coins are earned after every level won.


Lives are distinctive features in the game that allows you to replay a failed level. At the beginning of the game, you will be awarded five lives, for every level failed your life is deducted by one. Animations can be refilled with time, a certain number of coins, when you join a team and so on

Powerups and boosters.

If at any point in time, it looks difficult to find the right pattern for the cubes, boosters can assist in breaking down troublesome obstacles for coins to fall in proper places. They can be earned after every level won.


These are features that cause difficulties while playing the game, making it more challenging and exciting. Perfect strategies are needed to break obstacles as well as powerups assists in breaking barriers. These obstacles include ducks, crates, light bubbles and bubbles.


Gold coins are earned after passing every level. Boosters can also be given at the end of some levels as a reward.

Team creation:

You can create your team and compete with other players all over the globe. Coins can also be shared among a team. There are also rewards such as refilling of lives and so on.

How to install? Toons blast can be downloaded via several Android players on your PC.

How to install Toons blast

1. Search MEmu player on your preferred browser.

2. Click on Website from the search results.

3. Download and install on your PC.

4. Launch the app and go to Google play on the home screen.

5. Find Toon Blast For PC on the search bar.

6. Click on Toon Blast For PC the install icon.

7. After installation is completed, launch the app.

8. Enjoy playing the game on the emulator.

How to play.

To play the game is quite easy, below is a guide on how to play the game.

1. Launch the app with the player you are using.

2. The player is to simply touch to join cubes with similar colors to match them up.

3. Merge three or more cubes to create powerups such as rocket, disco ball and bombs.

4. Powerups help to break down tough obstacles when playing the game.

5. You have a specific number of moves to achieve a goal, so steps must be well planned to win a particular level.

6. Watch out for the big combos and preferably start from the bottom to allows the ones on top to fall into right positions.

7. Specific boosters can be earned after some levels have been passed.


If you a fan of puzzle games, this game is a fascinating one that you should try out; its fantastic cartoon graphics make it much more enjoyable. Different levels, accompanied by a variety of challenges, needs proper planning and strategy. You must take breaks at intervals to help in reducing time wastage as the game Toon Blast For PC is very addictive.

Frequently asked question


How many levels are there in Toon Blast For PC?

The game has over 1000+ levels to enjoy.

Is the Toon blast free?

The game is free to download on any device.

Best alternatives Toon blast for pc

Toon Blast alternative for pc

Like other games, it has an app that is alike. Below are some of the best alternatives:

Candy Crush Saga.

Candy crush saga is another exciting match-three puzzle games. The game is played by swiping the candy to form a complete match of three or more candy that are alike. There are a fixed number of moves players to make to complete a particular level. The game has tons of levels, but there is no special reward for passing any level, progress is only attained.

Operating system: Windows, Mac.

Price: Free

How to install.

1. Open BlueStacks on your pc.

2. Down and Install if you don’t have it on your PC.

3. Go to the top left of the screen on the search bar, look for ”Candy crush”.

4. Click on install from the results given.

5. On install completion, launch the game on your PC.

6. You can start playing the game on the emulator.

Sweet candy forest

Sweet candy forest is an eye-catching match-three puzzle in which players are to make a specific number of moves to earn stars in other to move to the next level. There are different challenging levels to play. The game has quality graphics with beautiful well-designed candy.

Operating system. Android

Price: Free.

How to install.

1. To start with, download Nox player on your pc.

2. Launch the app and complete the sign-in registration using your Google account.

3. Look for sweet candy forest.

4. Install the app on the emulator.

5. After installation is complete, the game can be played on your PC.


Toon blast for pc is a top-notch game that is very enjoyable and free to play, its wide range of levels and challenges makes it more interesting to play, and this can also improve concentration and critical thinking abilities.