Top 5 Submarine Games for PC listed below. If you have ever been a lover of war movies, fighting bad guys and eradicating them with a variety of awesome weapons then Submarine games should be a top choice for you. For a very different genre of war games Submarine games require a lot of tact, endurance and discipline to pull through. Although there a lot of game titles in these genre most would agree on the very best Submarine games currently topping most charts everywhere.

In this article we will expose to you to the best Submarine Games for PC out there and let you know why they are considered so. From hunting Soviet Union vessels in the cold war era to fighting the Nazis in World War II, we present to you the Top 5 Submarine games you need to get.



Submarine Games for PC

We start off with these awesome game called World of Warships, these is an exciting multiplayer game first introduced in 2011 by game developers Wargaming the exciting aspect of this is that the World of Warships is actually the 3rd in a series of War games released by the game developers; the first of the series was World of Tanks, followed by World of Warplanes then World of Warships.

World of Warships is a free-to-play game which gives users access to majority of the gaming content without paying. Players can play cooperative battles as team players and are also able to enter random battles where they battle themselves (PvP) in the cooperative mode you would be battling against robots handled Warships meaning they are being controlled by the game itself this is called (PvE) this aspect of the game involves three battle modes Standard.

Domination and Epicenter. Although the game initially involved Naval vessels firing guns and torpedoes Submarines were introduced in the 2018 PvE Halloween event this marked a turning point in the World of Warships game and increased the frenzy already existing. The game boasts of a number of interesting including a most exciting feature which is the presence of navies of major naval powers in the world. It features the US Navy, Royal Navy, Imperial Japanese navy and others.

A most outstanding feature also is that players have access to an armada of over 300 WWI and WWII naval vessels. Very impressive right? You would be more impressed when you start out with the game.


  • An armada of over 300 warships to choose from
  • Epic Naval Battles
  • Unite and Conquer
  • Recruit Commander
  • Access major content for free
  • Multiplayer function Exciting game play



Barotrauma is an exclusively interesting and quite odd Submarine game. The Barotrauma features a futuristic world gameplay where players are embark on an adventurous journey across the terrifying oceans of Europa which is one of planet Jupiter’s moon. As a player in the game gamers at first would be given a task as players and as a crew, crew missions invlolve cargo shipping to various friendly outposts, to hunting terrible alien wildlife. Barotrauma is presented in 2D and allows multi play between 6 classes of players. The game requires gamers to design their own submarine which is a very intetretsing feature so you can choose your own submarine type and equip it also with your choice of weapons. The wildest part of Barotrauma begins as you set off your mission as you discover a lot of horrors of the way, almost anything could go wrong from engine room leaks to attacks from horrible creatures and even traitors onboard your submarine. As a gamer you are required to take control command and lead your crew to achieve their goal or let the submarine perish the choice is yours.


  • Multiplayer mode with 2-16 players on a submarine
  • Captivating game play
  • Comprehensive missions generated map
  • Provides Single and Multiplayer mode
  • Customize your own submarine
  • Combines 6 classes of player



This is known as the King of the submarine games, while Silent Hunter has had 5 parts release so far all agree that Silent Hunter 3 is the must to have game from Silent Hunter. The game was developed by Ubisoft Bucharest and released for Windows in 2005.  Silent Hunter 3 ‘s gameplay involves assigning a player certain patrol grid which is used by a number of sea traffic involving destroyer escorts, convoys etc.

The game has methods of play you either select a historical mission or a dynamic campaign. The historical missions are modelled after real World war 2 missions so you would see familiar names and beaches. Playing the campaign version the gamer starts out with a certain level of rank which is the “Lieutenant, Jr” an can progress in rank as the game unfolds.

In the attack feature Silent Hunter 3 has an amazing realism feature which allows gamers to handpick challenges for themselves you can choose to experience fuel shortages or opt for manually ntargeting your torpedoes which we would advise against except you really want to test yourself. As a gamer playing Silent hunter 3 you have total contro over your mission and who your choice is to attack is entirely up to you.


  • Captivating World war 2 missions and campaigns
  • Variety of deadly submarines and other weapons
  • Multiple player and single mode enabled
  • Player friendly at all skill levels
  • Immersive environment



An exciting submarine game, U-boats was actually given named after the German word for submarines which is the U-boat, the U-boat gameplay requires a lot of tactical thinking, patience and a good ability to follow and carry out orders. The gameplay sees gamers pitched in battles in the World war 2 era, gamers are on the sides of the Nazi’s so you are to fight and sink enemy allied ships.

U-boat is quite confrontational so you are going to need to combine fighting and stealth while engaged in warfare if not prepare to get sunk. As a gamer you can run out on supplies and fuel but not tpo worry you are allowed to loot enemy ships and resupply after attacking them.

Features Of UBOAT:

  • Awesome and cool graphics
  • Greta action game play
  • Very realistic simulation
  • demanding missions
  • Better weapons with each progress



A fanatastic submarine game set in the “Cold War” era cold waters is a great game that is will get you excited. The game starts off with gamers tracking a Soviet landing force heading for Iceland. Once you have gotten a whiff of their movements and are on their tail next you plan your attack by either torpedoing them or hit them long-range missiles while risking the possibility of a counter attack from enemy escorts, the choice is yours.

While you are also tracking others you could also might have been watched also so you could be followed closely.  Your missions would involve battling with enemy warships and planes, stopping convoys on your way while having access to a weaponry of wire-guided torpedoes, cruise missiles and there is even a seal team onboard your submarine.

Features Of COLD WATERS:

  • Wide variety of accurate submarines and ships numbering 40
  • Real-time naval combat
  • Dynamic campaign
  • Genuine Soviet union naval war strategies
  • Exciting missions

How to download and install Submarine Games PC

All these games shave been adapted for use on Windows so you don’t need to go through any hassle installing them on your PC. To get these awesome submarine games you would need to purchase them online and they are quite affordable.

Gamers can find all these games at this link it’s a one stop-shop for awesome games. We advice that you be careful trying to purchase these games elsewhere as there other malicious sites posing to give them away for free but have other intentions.Once you purchase you can download and install right away on your PC, there is absolutely no need for an emulator.

Frequently Ask Questions:


Which of these 5 is the best submarine game for PC?

While there are several submarine games out there the 5 highlighted here are the best games you could possibly get, to rank anyone as the best would be depending on various conditions and features you would consider, as there are several different gameplays, unidentical missions, variety of weapons they all have their core point of attraction.

Though depending on various gamers if you are seeking freakish and a somewhat horror scenario you should go for Barotrauma, if you want to enjoy WWII action using the widest fillet of weaponry available while not paying any cent yet then we suggest War of Warships, for awesome realism effects, more control over your gaming experience and the need to challenge yourself always.

The Silent Hunter is your best bet, if you would like a daunting submarine game where the quest is always on for survival then U-boat is the game for you, and if you thirst for some real action hunting down soviets and playing the cat and mouse game we suggest Cold waters, wherever your affection lies you will find it here.

How can I get them on my PC?

All games have been made available for Windows all you have to do is purchase and download, install and begin to enjoy your submarine game.

Are there any other games I can look up?

There are definitely other submarine games out there claiming to be better, but just try hitting the search for best submarine games and see the consistency of our list. All games listed here are award winners which have defied time and other advancements to still excite and draw so much attention, they were indeed built to last. If you want newer versions of these game some actually do exist the Silent Hunter game for instance has a part 5. You can check that out.



Submarine Games for PC We have painstakingly drawn the list of the Top 5 best submarine games till date and probably for a long time coming, these games have won awards for their game play, graphics, realism and some other awesome features. While there are other genre of games out there, few can rival the depth, intrigue, complexity, beauty and unbelievable excitement that are submarine games. These games also come with multiplayer features so you can enjoy them with your family and friends. We bet you are just itching to try them out now, well! don’t let us stop you go find your game of choice and begin to experience gaming like you never have.