Description: SNAPSEED for PC is an application that can be used to edit photos. This application is a Google owned application. It supports iPhone operating system, Android OS. By using this app you will have access to many editing tools and several filters. You will also be able to edit and beautify images in a colorful way.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Softwear

Author: Google LLC

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Key Features

  • Large amount of tools and several amounts of filters such as structure, brush, healing, HDR and many more
  • You will be able to open images in JPG format
  • You will have access to several filter brushes
  • Edit any form of images and save them in a save file


  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Many editing tools


  • Not available for computer
  • Cannot be installed directly

SNAPSEED for PC supports different image formats such as the RAW and JPG type of images.

Without any stress, edited images can be shared with friends and families and even on any social media platforms.

It has series of photo editing tools and different channels; you will be exposed to several amounts of filters, brushes and many other tools.

The application is compatible with windows, Android, iPhone and MAC operating system

Good picture quality and nice graphics option



As I have said that you will need a third party application to successfully use this application on your personal computer. I already recommend Bluestacks emulator, you can also use any other type of emulator like the NOX App player, Andy OS but I will only be guiding you through how to download the snap seed app using Bluestacks emulator. You can also follow the same procedure if you are using an emulator different from Bluestacks emulator.

Read carefully through the following guidelines to Install Snapseed on your PC using Bluestacks emulator;

  • Visit Bluestacks official webpage to download the Bluestacks emulator app on your PC.
  • After a complete installation of the app, launch the application, it will look just like an Android device.
  • You will be required to sign in using your Google account to be able to have access to the Google play store. If you don’t have any, you can create by creating one.
  • An Android device will show up on the Bluestacks Application.
  • Through the menu options, you can access the Google play store.
  • On the Google play store, use the search button to search for Snapseed App.
  • On the search results click on Snapseed icon and install. Wait till installation completes.
  • Launch the application and start enjoying.

For iPhone operating system, below is how to install snapseed using iPadian emulator:

This is for IOS users only: The iPadian emulator works just like other Android emulators but it is the most effective for those using the iPhone operating system.

  • To start with, there is a need to download the iPadian emulator from their official website. Wait till the download completes, it will install automatically after download has been completed.
  • After a complete installation of this emulator, run the emulator and sign in your Apple account on the emulator, if you don’t have any, you will have to create one as you will not be able to access the app without a proper sign in.
  • After that, on the emulator webpage, locate the search box and search for Snapseed App.
  • On the search result, click on snapseed icon
  • Click on Download and wait till it finally install
  • After doing the above you can then launch the snapseed App on your system


SNAPSEED for PC is a very efficient and effective application that is very useful for not just normal users but also for photographers and camera man; they can use it to edit images and provide a good customer service. Snapseed is one of the best Mobile applications out there with series of unique features. Users will have access to different photo editing tools that will enhance them to edit images in a very beautiful way.

Unfortunately, an amazing application like this is not available for personal computer and cannot be installed directly from any website in the internet however with the help of a third party application named App player or commonly known as Android emulator. There are different types of Android emulator and the one I can recommend now is the Bluestacks emulator. Bluestacks emulator is a free application is a free app with a good easy to use and understand user interface.

This application is not just used by people of other calibers; cameraman and photographers utilize this mobile application as it gives them the opportunity to convert normal images that are taken by DSLR. Snapseed is a very good reliable, good to use application with a nice user interface that makes it very fast and simple.



You can always find alternatives to every mobile application and snap seed is not excluded, there are several other applications on the internet that have the capacity and ability to perform the same functions just like snapseed app. Some of those applications are Pencil sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Pic Monkey, after light, camera+, Canvas, camera zoom and many more. Yu will get absolutely more than enough software application if you are looking for the alternative apps. To know more about any of this App you can search for them independently.



Q: Which is the best between Light room and Snapseed App?

A: SNAPSEED for PC as we have said in this application is a very good App with so many unique editing features and that can even be used for business purposes by cameraman and photographers. Light room on the other hand is also an amazing photo editing applications that is compatible with almost every operating system. It is also a number of advanced features. Both applications are good in their own way, so you can download the one that’s best for you.


SNAPSEED for PC has all mentioned features avobe. If there is anything else you will like to know about this application, you can reach to us using the comment box below. Thank you!