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Name: SnapBridge

Description: SnapBridge for pc is an application developed by Nikon the Japanese camera maker, the purpose of the app is to enable smooth sharing of your camera photos and videos from your camera to your smartphone, laptop and other compatible devices. SnapBridge achieves this by using Bluetooth technology to connect your camera with your compatible devices once this is achieved your photos can be uploaded automatically from you camera

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Application Category: Photography

Author: Alex

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Key Features

  • Snappy transfer of media files
  • Multi pairing feature
  • Social media sharing option
  • Edit photos by adding text
  • Automatic upload of files


  • More liberty for your media
  • Upload automatically after pairing
  • Photo editor available
  • Speedy file transfers
  • Pair with multiple devices


  • Might develop syncing issues
  • Available in limited languages
  • Not supported by all OS versions
SnapBridge for PC

Using the SnapBridge for PC enables users upload their photographs and videos very quickly. Once the Nikon camera is paired with the device of your choice any photo taken or video recorded is transferred from the camera to the device. It is automatic no need to do the transfers manually.

Speedy Media File Transfers

Using a powerful Bluetooth technology transfers are done in just seconds, it’s fast and convenient.

Multi -Pairing Feature

The app allows users to pair with various devices at once, users can pair their Nikon camera with 5 of their devices of choice.

SnapBridge for PC

Photo Editor

SnapBridge comes with an awesome photo editor allowing users to edit and beautify their photos by adding text.

Sharing options

Using SnapBridge you can share your photos or videos to your favorite social media or simply send via email, the choice is yours.

How to Install SnapBridge App for PC

Install SnapBridge App for PC

Getting SnapBridge on your PC is very easy to, although there are no PC versions of the app you can adopt the android version to work on your PC by using a tested and trusted emulator like Bluestacks to download and install SnapBridge on your PC.

How to install

To download and install is quite simple.

  • Download the Bluestacks emulator via this link
  • Install Bluestacks into your PC and launch when done.
  • Go to the Playstore icon on the Bluestacks interface
  • Provide your login details which is your Gmail details to access the store
  • Search for “SnapBridge” and click on it to download and install into your emulator
  • Open the app by clicking on the icon to begin using

How to use

use SnapBridge App for PC

To use SnapBridge app follow these steps, these guidelines are only for D-SLR Cameras

  • To use SnapBridge firstly get ready your device by enabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • The actual connection to your D-SLR camera will be made from the app do not try to connect through your settings app in your device
  • Next ensure there is a memory space on your camera’s memory card, to ensure the process will be smooth also ensure that the battery is fully charged
  • Next go to your camera and proceed to the setup menu, select CONNECT TO SMART DEVICE, scroll to the START button and press OK
  • On the camera the message “Use SnapBridge to send photos to your smart device and share them online” will be displayed then press “OK”
  • Next confirm the camera shows this message “App SnapBridge, Camera and model name”
  • Then proceed to your device, launch the app and tap “Pair with Camera” your device is paired
  • To explore all the functions go to the Nikon site using this link


We recommend the SnapBridge app for users of Nikon camera products, now you can enjoy seamless connection between your devices and cameras and pair with up to 5 devices, you can share your photos and videos real time as they are being recorded, and it’s perfect for sharing special times with your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the SnapBridge app?

SnapBridge app was designed by Nikon to help users share their photos and videos with their devices for easy use, through the app users can upload pictures and videos on their social media.

  • What devices are compatible with SnapBridge app?

It is compatible with your android, iOS and Windows 10 devices, to use on other Windows version simply install an emulator into your PC

  • How do I get it on my PC?

Get a guaranteed emulator like Bluestacks and begin to enjoy SnapBridge

  • Is the app free?

Yes the app is free to download and use. You must however have a Niko camera before using this app since they work together, the app on your device and your Nikon camera.

Similar apps for SnapBridge App for PC

Similar apps for SnapBridge App for PC

These are other available alternatives to the SnapBridge app you can check them out.

Canon Camera Connect

Built by Canon this app allows Canon camera users to transfer their photos from their Canons to their devices. Cameras are connected using Wi-Fi, the app allows users to transfer and save their images on a smart device, input location information on the photos taken by the camera and many more.

To install and use follow these steps:

  • Download an emulator like Bluestacks or Xeplayer
  • Run Bluestacks and complete installation
  • Search for “Canon Camera Connect” in the Playstore located in Bluestacks
  • Click on the app to download and install into your system on Bluestacks
  • You can now begin using

Wireless Mobile Unit

This is an awesome app designed and built by Nikon cameras also, the app connects your device to your camera over a Wi-Fi network so you can take pictures remotely, download photos and also share and send them via email or your social media.

To download and install:

  • There is a direct version for your Windows 10 go to this link
  • If you use other versions just get the Bluestacks emulator downloaded and installed into your PC
  • Sign in with your Gmail account to the Playstore
  • Search and download the app when you find it by entering the exact name
  • It would be installed directly, you can start using it.
FujiFilm Camera Remote

FujiFilm Camera Remote

This app was developed by FujiFilm which enables users operate wireless equipped digital cameras, by using the app users can shoot images and transfer them to their smartphones and tablets. Users can also use the app with cameras that connect with Bluetooth technology so you can pair with your smartphone and other devices.

To download and install:

SnapBridge for pc


SnapBridge for pc is a cool app that improves your Nikon camera experience and usability, now you don’t have to run home or try to get your pictures or images on to your PC through the memory card, with the SnapBridge app users can recovered videos and take awesome photographs and share them real-time without hassle. It’s so convenient you should definitely get it after reading this.