Snap VPN for PC
Snap VPN for iphone 5s

Name: Snap VPN

Description: Snap VPN for pc provides its users with online privacy and security while they surf the internet. It is also very adequate for unblocking sites like Netflix and other streaming sites. Snap offers its users very quick connection speeds which it delivers in no time. It’s a favorite for students and workers who want to bypass restrictions placed by their institution or place of work on sites they want to access but have been blocked off by the authorities. Snap also offers users the ability to switch servers which keeps them from being tracked

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Application Category: VPN

Author: Alex

  • Setup
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Usability
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Key Features

  • Fast and automatic connections
  • Unblocks restricted websites
  • Stable and not prone to fluctuations
  • Protects user privacy online
  • Multiple Server options
  • Requires no user information


  • Speedy connection
  • Several server options
  • Works with variety of network 
  • Suitable for unblocking websites
  • Compatible with various network 
  • No login information from users
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Protects users online


  • May be very slow connecting
  • Doesn’t support torrenting
  • Poor customer support
Snap VPN for PC

Snap VPN for PC is known for granting users’ faster internet speeds while online, it connects very fast once installed in your PC.

Multiple server options

It has a variety of server options so users can switch from location to location to keep their identity safe online and prevent them from being tracked.

Snap VPN for PC

Protects users online

Snap allows you surf the internet privately, your IP address is hidden away so you surf the web anonymously, and it also works to protect users when they try to connect to public Wi-Fi or hotspots it would detect if they are safe enough.

Unblock websites in your school or office

If you are being restricted in your school or place of work, this VPN will help you access the sites you love but couldn’t get through to.

Requires no user login

Snap VPN never request for user information, just download install and begin to enjoy using this free VPN app.

How to Install and use Snap VPN for PC

How to Install and use Snap VPN for PC

Install and using the Snap VPN  for pc is very simple, the app is available only for android and iOS but you can enjoy the VPN on your PC with the help of the Bluestacks emulator.

How to install

Follow these steps to get Snap VPN functioning on your PC

  • Download the Bluestacks emulator, by using this link
  • Next run the installation and complete
  • Download the Snap VPN APK file
  • Open Bluestacks and drag the file to the interface then drop it
  • It would install directly
  • Open by clicking on the Snap VPN icon to begin using
How to use Snap VPN

How to use Snap VPN

Here is how to use Snap VPN on your PC:

  • Open the Snap VPN by clicking on it the app would open and begin a countdown and then it would show you its connected
  • It would show you the app interface and the list of countries server locations pick your choice
  • Next you would be taken to the app interface from here you can navigate your way to the app you want to use and begin browsing securely
 Snap VPN for pc


If you want to browse the internet securely and unblock your favorite websites then the Snap VPN  for pc is the ideal VPN for you. We however recommend that you don’t use it for any unlawful act as defined in your state or jurisdiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Snap VPN free?

Yes! Snap is free and available for instant use.

  • How can I use it on my PC?

Ensure that you download the Bluestacks emulator on your PC

  • Does VPN function on particular operating systems?

This VPN was designed for android and iOS users but you can use it on your PC via an emulator

  • Which is the best free VPN for PC?

There are so many VPN out there and each have varying strengths but if you desire to unblock websites with ease and a quick connection Snap is for you

Alternatives for Snap VPN
  • Does Snap VPN require access to your personal information

No! Snap grants you instant access without any user information

Best Alternatives for Snap VPN

Looking for other options? Here are some other VPNs you can try out.


This app will help you unblock social media sites which have been restricted in your country or location, Hot VPN offers a smart, clean and fast VPN server service using multiple server options so you can switch as you please. The app also automatically will switch users to the fastest server it detects so they can browse the internet in comfort, it protects their identity and hides their IP address, you would also require no login details to use Hot VPN.


To download and install on your PC

  • Get Bluestacks emulator on your PC
  • Install into your system or PC by running the installation process
  • Open the App store and search for the Hot VPN app
  • Download by clicking on the button for install and it would be installed directly into Bluestacks

Speed VPN

Speed VPN helps users hide their IP addresses while online and protects them from malicious individuals. It provides users with multiple address locations and helps unblock websites that have been restricted based on their location. It’s easy to use and also doesn’t require any user information for usage, and would also speed up your browsing speed while using it.

To download and install:

  • Install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC
  • Once installation is concluded search for “Speed VPN” in the Playstore app in your Bluestacks
  • Click on the app to install
  • It would be installed directly into Bluestacks you can begin to use

Secure VPN

This VPN protects users from being tracked online, hides your IP address and also comes with a strict no logging in policy. Users also have access to a number of server choices and it’s useful for accessing restricted apps or sites in your location or country.

To download and install:


Snap VPN  for pc If you want to unblock your favorite websites at work or school trust Snap VPN to help you do this and also help you achieve this. Now you can switch from server to server anonymously and be sure no one is watching you. Enjoy quick VPN connection and user privacy online with Snap.