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Game title: Smash Bros

Game description: Smash Bros for PC was designed to assist players of the Super Smash Bros game created by Nintendo so they can enjoy the game. The Super Smash Bros game is an awesome fighting game which features most of the most successful features and characters of Nintendo’s gaming franchises the game features very popular Nintendo characters like Super Mario and Donkey Kong. By using Smash Bros as a guide app Super Smash Bros game players both new and professional are able to obtain the best possible performances and up their gameplay on Super Smash Bros.

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Key Features

  • Key capabilities of all Super Smash Bros characters
  • All fighters moves
  • Statistics of the best fighters
  • All fighters and bosses from Super smash bros
  • Attributes of fighters


  • Makes it easy to understand
  • Contains all the fighters moves
  • Gives stats on the bosses
  • Allows for fighter comparison


  • Some info missing and inaccurate
  • Available in limited languages
  • Needs info character costumes, stages
Smash Bros for PC

The Smash Bros for PC contains all the moves of the various characters found in the Super Smash Bros gaming app, with this feature users can learn and master the best moves to use during battle

All bosses present

The app is also updated with all the bosses so you can know which you will come up against and how to best to defeat them, their weaknesses and their strong point.

Allows for comparison on best fighter

Using this feature users can decide on the best fighter to use or that suits their game play.

Reliable statistics on fighter attributes

Users can see the statistics, attributes and abilities of the various characters in the Super Smash Bros game. Using this statistics goes a long way in helping them move in between fighters.

All fighters present

Smash Bros for PC

You can find all the fighters present in the Super Smash Bros game in this guide, it’s that comprehensive so you can thoroughly enjoy the game.

Reliable game guide

The guide is reliable was built to offer users the best gaming experience, the app is also being updated regularly to keep it great at doing what it does best, being an awesome Super Smash game guide.

How to Install Smash Bros App for PC

Securing this app on your PC is very simple, just get on your PC an android emulator like Bluestacks or NoxPlayer. Bluestacks is a very reliable emulator so you may want to go with it. Just follow these steps to download and install.

How to install

How to Install Smash Bros App for PC

To download and install is quite simple.

  • Download Bluestacks emulator via this link
  • Install into your PC and launch when done.
  • Locate and click on the Playstore icon on the Bluestacks interface
  • Provide your Playstore login details to access the app store then search for the Smash Bros app by typing it in
  • Once it’s found, click on it to download, you won’t need to install it, it would be installed right into your Bluestacks emulator
  • Now you can click on the icon and begin to use the guide

How to use

To use Smash Bros guide follow these simple steps

  • Launch the app by clicking on the icon in your Bluestacks
  • Once open go to the home page
  • Here you will find categories on characters, their moves, rankings, Power moves etc.
  • You can move from category to category to view the different abilities and stats you are interested in
  • You can also rank each character according to your preferences it’s really simple to use


We recommend that anyone who wants to thoroughly enjoy the Super Smash Bros game get this guide, the Super smash game is so awesome that most new comers find it overwhelming, even the pros are still navigating their way through, but by using this guide you are able to get it right and get it right the first time. It’s important that a mastery of this guide and the game doesn’t lead to addiction we advise responsible playing and not spending most of your time stuck to your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Smash Bros app?

This is a help or guide app created solely for the purpose of teaching and helping Super smash bros game players get the best out of the game, which can be complex to fully use and understand.

  • What devices are compatible with Smash Bros?

Smash Bros works well on your mobile device and can be used on your PC via an android emulator.

  • How do I get it on my PC?

Download an android emulator on your PC to begin to use and enjoy Smash Bros.

  • Is the app free?

Absolutely! The app is free to download and install.

Similar apps for Smash Bros App for PC

Similar apps for Smash Bros App for PC

Here are similar apps that have been created to help players, fans and wannabe fans of Smash bros.

Ultimate frame Data

This is an app built for the Super Smash Bros game which explains specific terms and actions in the game like shield lag, shield drop and hitbox images. This is to help players underrated deeply the moves embedded in the game.

To install and use follow these steps:

  • Ultimate Frame Data is available in the android Playstore which you can access on your PC by downloading an emulator
  • Download an emulator like Bluestacks
  • Run and complete the installation
  • Access the Playstore and search for the app
  • Click to download and install into your PC
  • You can begin using by clicking on the Ultimate frame Data icon

Big brain smash notes

This app offers a combo of features for Super Smash Bros gamers and fans. They include the feature for sorting out characters according to their attributes, match-up notes which users can create to compare fighters or characters of Super smash, you can also store images in the matchup notes making it a lot more fun and relatable.

To download and install:

  • Download a Bluestacks android emulator on your PC
  • Install and launch, proceed to the store to obtain your Big brain smash notes app by simply searching for it in the app store
  • You would need to sign in with your Gmail account
  • Then download and it would go right into your emulator
  • Launch with the icon when done and begin using
Smash Bros for PC


Smash Bros for PC is the complete guide for mastering and enjoying the Super Smash Bros game, yes! The game is that complex that’s why there is such a guide, there also online tutorials to take you through but if you want the perfect fit this is the app for you, download begin to use and become the unbeatable champ in Super Smash Bros.