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Name: Screenflow

Description: Screenflow for pc is a screen casting cum video editing software created by Telestream inc. It is useful for creating, editing and exporting videos in a different type of video formats such as the MP4, MOV, M4V and other high bitrate video formats. The app was initially released by the Telestream company in February 2008. It contains many functions that allow for the capturing of video and audio from your system screen in very Professional standard.

Offer price: Freemium

Operating System: Mac Operating system

Application Category: Editing Software

Author: Alex

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Key Features

  • The software has a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • The software is easy to use and master.
  • Can produce videos in different formats and in excellent quality.
  • Can publish to various social media platforms from within the software.
  • Offers multiple editing tools that can be used to edit and enhance your video.
  • Has a stock media library that gives access to a ton of videos and presets.


  • Easy to capture a screen recording
  • Videos can be captured and edited
  • Recordings within app is top-notch.
  • Very intuitive and easy to learn
  • Very useful for trimming videos,
  • Piecing different video and audio files


  • Only available Mac operating system.
  • Not recognize all media file types.
  • On-screen, text options are limited

Screenflow for PC has the highest recording qualities for apps in its category. It captures both audial and visual elements excellently from your screen.

Professional and powerful editing tools and options

The software boasts Professional and powerful editing tools and options that allow you to refine and add additional media such as music, images, text, and transitions to your video.


The software boasts an impressive and easy-to-understand UI which offers users a great experience. The interface is very easy to master and navigate. In no time any user whether new or old would be exploring the limitless opportunities the software offers.

Built-in stock media library

The software offers over 500,000 media clips in its build in the stock library that can be used to add different spices and effects to your video as you edit.

Media management

ScreenFlow offers top-notch media management options. It helps you organize your media in various easy to sort out categories. It also grants access to files that are originally stored on the system, making it easy to import any needed media.

Closed caption support

The Screenflow software has this very awesome function that allows you to add and edit subtitle files for your video.

Animations and motion graphics

With this function, you can animate either your text, logo, or graphics right inside the software interface.

Export options

The software boasts a range of exporting options. You can export your video in different formats, including mp3. There is also a function for batch export.

installing  and using the Screenflow for PC

This intuitive software can only be installed on the Mac operating system for now. Below are the steps to installing the software on your computer.

Installation procedure

  • Visit the Telestream website and download the Screenflow application. You would need to register a new user name and password if you have never used the software before.
  • If you downloaded with the safari browser, your installation would automatically start. If not, you would have to start the procedure manually by double-clicking the downloaded software.
  • When the installer runs, drag the Screenflow icon unto the application folder to initiate the installation of the app.

do note that the installation process is different when the software is purchased from the Mac App Store.

How it works

Follow the procedure below to produce a video using the Screenflow software

  • Open the screen flow application on your mac
  • Click on the new recording option. This would pop up a menu where you can adjust your preferences for the video you want to create.
  • When you are done with setting up your preferences, click OK and the recording will start immediately
  • When you are done recording, the software would automatically save your video and move your work straight to the editor screen. Here you can fine-tune and edit your video by trimming, adding extra media from the stock library, or from your system storage.
  • When you are satisfied with your editing, you can export your video in your desired format. You can also share to different social media platforms from the application interface.


If you use the mac operating system, the Screenflow application is the perfect option for all your screen-casting and video recording tasks. With the Screenflow application, you can create professional videos for different purposes. Whether you are a school teacher, a blogger, a business person, or gamer, this is the perfect choice for you.

Frequently asked Questions

  1. Is Screenflow available on windows?

No, the Screenflow software is currently available for use on the Mac operating system only.

  1. Can you use Screenflow for free?

Yes, you can with the trial version. But, this free version does not give access to all of the powerful tools that the software offers. If you get the paid version( starting at $129), you can use all of the premium functions available on the software.

use Screenflow
  1. Who can use Screenflow?

Anybody can use the Screenflow app since its interface is intuitive and easy to use. Nevertheless, the app can prove very useful for commercial purposes like vlogging, teaching, etc.

  1. How can I reset my licence?

if you are having any problem resetting your licence, you can use the licence reset tool on the Telestream website.

  • Can I use my licence number for more than one computer?

No. To use the software on more than one system, you would need to purchase another licence key.

Best Alternative ScreenFlow For Pc

If you are looking for alternatives to the Screenflow application, then you can check out the applications on the list  below


with Snagit, you can create videos and also edit.


Camtasia is another good alternative to the Screenflow app. With it, you can equally record your screen, make good videos and edit them

Screencast O-Matic

Screencast O-Matic is a good alternative if you are seeking one. You can make your videos and edit them easily.

All of these softwares can be installed easily on the Mac operating system.


Screenflow for pc software is worth its price any day, any time. With its many outstanding features, you can create those Professional videos in no time.