Rxcamview for pc
Rxcamview for pc

Name: Rxcamview

Description: Have you ever wondered how to keep tabs on things happening in your home? Or have you also thought about monitoring your kid's movements and activities or the day? Then this is the software application to be reckoned with. Rxcamview is an application that allows you to watch, stream live, and save videos captured by the camera linked with it. Initially designed for the mobile phone, software developers have added a mod that allows PC users to utilize this tool with great relish.

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Key features

The Rxcamview app has a vast array of features, all of which are mentioned below.

  • Effective surveillance software
  • Ability to customize camera angles and display
  • Saving and recording videos


  • It sports an unlimited bandwidth. Use it at any place at your convenience. No hassle.
  • It is free. It does not function on a monthly subscription fee.
  • It beefs up security tenfold.


  • It is not easy to access. An emulator has to be installed, which discouraged most of the customers.
  • It cannot hold on to video recordings for an extended period of time.
Rxcamview for pc

Rxcamview for PC can be adjusted to have different effects such as the panorama effect, a wide-angle effect, and an AI-powered focus that allows the camera to put exciting events (good or bad) into focus.

Works both online and offline

Rxcamview for PC can not only be used online. It can be used offline too. It is a convenient tool. It can save video recordings in its archives for whenever you need it. It can also be edited to the user’s taste. It can also be viewed on more than one device with as much as a single tap. It’s that easy.

Takes screen-shots

It also comes with an initially questionable but highly recognized and appreciated feature. It takes screen-shots when a slight movement is detected! It includes the popular PTZ feature responsible for the rotational and repetitive movement of the camera.

Portrait and Landscape view

Rxcamview offers you an opportunity to use CCTV on a whole new level. It allows you to set the cameras to landscape or portrait mode, depending on the preference and particular application needed by the user.

High definition videos

You can look at your videos in high definitions, definitions as high as 8k! It can also be viewed in smaller camera qualities like 4k and 1080p.

How To Install And Use The Rxcamview for PC

Install And Use The Rxcamview for PC

The Rxcamview can be used on a PC with the help of an android emulator. Here are the easy steps to download and install the app;

How To Install Rxcamview On Pc.

  • Install bluestacks on your PC. Access the website-www.Bluestacks.com
  • Open the bluestacks emulator. You will encounter a message on the screen. Fill in your Mail details. A Google account is specifically needed as it is an Android emulator.
  • Open play store on the emulator when finished and input “Rxcamview” in the search option. Download the tool.
  • Go to your desktop. Your tool should be displayed there. Click on the icon and enjoy it.

How To Use Rxcamview For Pc

  • Open the application and look at its menus
  • It has a button that would take you to its surveillance software and other menus such as video editing, video playback, and so on.
  • If you haven’t setup your camera with the application yet, there’san inbuilt tutorial that will guide you through the process.
  • Click on what you want to view at the time and enjoy.


Rxcamview is a very useful app that should be recommended by every article concerning surveillance software. It lives up to its expectations and is a good app to patronize.

Frequently asked questions


Is the application free?

              Yes, it is free. You save all your money while patronizing this app.

Can I use it halfway across the world?

            Yes, you can use it halfway across the world. It has unlimited bandwidth.

Is this application available on macOS?

              This application is available on all platforms.

Best Alternative Rxcamview For PC

Best Alternative Rxcamview For PC

An alternative to using the Rxcamview is the Nox app player. 

TinyCam pro app

This app comes with a lot of similar features like the Rxcamview. Widely known as a surveillance camera, this app is also easy to download, install and use

How to download and install 

  1. Download the Nox emulator
  2. Via the Nox app, follow the easy prompts to install
  3. After installation, go to the Nox homepage and open the playstore site
  4. Sign I with your Google account
  5. Search out the app and click download
  6. Install the app with the prompts that follow and you can begin to use the app.


Rxcamview for PC got 7.5 rate ease of use because of the tediousness of downloading an emulator to have the app on PC. Its excellent features make it worth the stress, however. It has very responsive customer care, unique features, and no lag or problem with use whatsoever. The developers update the application frequently and listen to customer complaints and effect a change. It is an application to do business with.

Rxcamview app is a wonderful app to use anywhere. You can use it to monitor the performance of employees in a workplace or keep an eye on your kid. Gone are the days when people would be lazy just because they aren’t monitored 24 hours a day. Now, with this innovative technology, the device has proven useful time and time again.