Description: PSIPHON FOR PC is a user-friendly software that was developed with the latest SSH, HHTP proxy technology, to enable people to stay connected all the time. Psiphon is an android and windows software that gives uncensored access to users of online content. It is an Open source web proxy developed to support Internet users hindered by Internet censorship to skip filtered content safely.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android OS, iOS, Windows

Application Category: VPN

Author: Alex

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Key Features

  • It provides a Google drive option.
  • Secures users’ IP addresses.
  • The Psiphon is available in the windows compatible and android version.
  • Psiphon is useful in fighting against censorship.


  • Considered as an excellent tool
  • Improve transparency
  • Fight government censorship.
  • Psiphon download is simple
  • Easy to use and requires
  • No email address to set up
  • Windows and iOS versions are free
  • Psiphon is an effective proxy tool


  • Cannot be trusted to online security
  • The server network is just too small
  • Netflix cannot run on the software
  • Currently, Psiphon cannot run on Mac

The internet-primarily exists to grant free access to everyone seeking any information. Still, unfortunately, some websites are restricted for different reasons, either by the Government, an employer or private body.  With the PSIPHON FOR PC software, you get unrestricted and limitless access to any online content you desire. Psiphon will enable you to skip censorship, from any school, company, Government or country.

Limitless internet access

While browsing the internet, users will learn more about new accessibility points that will enable them to unblock sites easily. Psiphon was developed by the is a circumvention tool from the developer Psiphon Inc as a circumvention tool which utilizes SSH, HHTP proxy technology and VPN to grant them unlimited access to any online content


It has an Open Source

As an open-source application, transparency will be improved. Also, Psiphon is dependent on peer review and has to be continuously updated. As an open Source software, the source code will be safely and freely modified and distributed.

Border-less internet

If you are highly conscious of security, then you might want to skip the Psiphon software, because Psiphon is internet without borders. There is zero anonymity. Other paid VPNs may offer higher security features, but Psiphon is free software with no high privacy. No email registration is required in the newest version of Psiphon, and there is broader protocol selection. Psiphon is a global network that provides so many servers and numerous free entry points.

How to download Psiphon for PC:

How to download Psiphon for PC

You first need to download the Bluestack emulator for the android application to run on your computer. This will ensure the easy installation of Psiphon

Follow these steps:          

  • Download and set up the Bluestacks emulator on your system
  • Then locate the “my app button” in the Bluestacks emulator and search for the Psiphon app to download.
  • On your Bluestack Play store, download the Psiphon app using a Google account.
  • After that, ensure you have a secure data connection and start installing Psiphon.

Psiphon Pricing Plan

Psiphon Android, iOS and Windows versions are free to download. Although the mobile users can decide to upgrade to the pro version, which comes with zero advertisements and can not be capped at 2Mbps, this, therefore, gives them high speed since its only 5Mbps.

The Psiphon price is dependent on the length of subscription and the type of device. The Android add free version costs $4.99 while the iOS add free version costs $2.99 weekly. You have the option of paying for both Android and iOS for a monthly fee of $9.99. For the iPhone users, they would get a discount of  20% if they sign up up for the yearly plan, which would have cost about $8.33 per month.


Psiphon offers limitless bandwidth and data download, thereby making it one of the best VPNs out there in the market. It has a very easy and straightforward interface, fast speed and high quality. Users can access an executable file from the website and run it on their personal computers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I refer to Psiphon as a VPN?

Psiphon is a software developed by Psiphon Inc. Psiphon makes use of SSH, HTTP Proxy technology and VPN to grant users unrestricted access to the internet.

Is Psiphon good?

Psiphon is designed to grant users uncensored access to internet content. Psiphon is, however, not a security tool and does not guarantee you increased online privacy.


Can Psiphon be detected?

Unlike the Tor alternative that gives you total anonymity, the Psiphon software was not developed for that. In this digital age, even while connected to the Psiphon server, any IT tech. Although within the Psiphon network, your traffic is encrypted.

Alternatives to PSIPHON FOR PC



Tor software gives you an open link to enable you to guard against some kinds of network interrogation/investigation that poses a threat to your private information, freedom and privacy entirely. 

Proton VPN

It is an encrypted and highly secure VPN. That is a Private Virtual Network.

Hotspot Shield

As its name implies, it acts as a shield that provides a VPN service and internet freedom. It allows its user to search every part of the internet without showing their identity and IP addresses.


This alternative allows you to ghost off while getting busy on the internet. Users are allowed to access georgraphiclly blocked contents and site at the same time maintain the privacy and security



PSIPHON FOR PC is a free application that was developed as both an android application as well as Windows software. However, there is a Pro version made available for the Mobile Version, which attracts a subscription fee monthly. This version has no feature for advertisement and has minimal data usage. Sadly, the Psiphon is currently not available to run on the Mac Os and Linux. It is well known that most Governments hinder their sites or censor it, but with Psiphon, you can access it by receiving an email with your confidential downloading link to the Psiphon application.