Photofy for PC

Name: Photofy

Description: Photofy for PC is one of best photo editing application, photofy is the best it offers amazing contents and editing tools. It has several amounts of editing tools like stickers, filters, frames etc. In case you are on this page because you want to edit photos like a professional, I am assuring you that you are in the right place.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, windows and MAC OS

Application Category: Utility

Author: Photofy Inc

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Photofy for PC

Photofy for PC is a photo editing application, you can take unlimited number of pictures, edit and share the best of it on your social media handles

There is numerous numbers of layouts for making collage

You will have access to several image editing options and will be able to adjust and crop photos.

You will also have access to series of wallpapers and background images that will make your editing more beautiful

Photofy is equipped with a lot of filters that can be used to beautify photos. You will also have access to new filters as it is always being added frequently

It contains different effects and the most common is the light effect and you can use it on your photos

There is a tool that allows you to blur your photo or maybe some areas of the photos you will like if it is blur

Ability to sharpen your photos to make it clearer and clean

There is a mirror effect that will make your photo to look more beautiful

You can add text to image as there are more than 80 font’s styles to use

Just like MS-word, you can also use watermark on your photo to make it more outstanding

There is an insta-fit option that enables easy sharing of edited photos on instagram

There are more than 900 stickers available for use; you can use any one of you like to your images to make them more intriguing.

How to download and inastall PHOTOFY App on your system

download and inastall PHOTOFY App

As I have said at the beginning of this article that this application was specially created and developed for smartphone users only, you may be wondering why or how then one will be able to run this application on one’s computer. It is a very simple, you will need a third party application to run this…

You will first have to install a third party application that is known as ‘Android emulator’. Android emulator is application software that will allow easy running of Android applications on system. There are many types of Android emulators but I recommend Bluestacks emulator for the purpose of this write up.


  • To start with, you need to download Bluestacks emulator on your personal computer. You can download and install this from their official website 
  • On the Bluestacks webpage, download Bluestacks emulator, installation will start immediately after a successful download. After installing the app you can then launch the application on your system.
  • To be able to get to the Bluestacks emulator home page you will need to complete the setup by signing in to your Google account. Without this you will not be able to go further so incase, you do not have a Google account, please create one.
  • After a successful sign up, on your Bluestacks emulator, use the search box to search for Photofy App.
  • On the search result click on the Photofy for PC application Icon, press the download button.
  • It will automatically install after download process have been completed.
  • After a complete installation, launch the application and enjoy

Reading through the most effective means of how to download, install and run this mobile application on your personal computer you will agree with me that it is a very easy thing to achieve. However, if you still have or encounter any issues, difficulty during the cause of installation, you are free to drop comments through the comment section. Thank you!

Photofy for PC


Photofy for PC is a very popular image editing mobile application; it was developed and created at a city in the United States. This photo editing application was published in the year 2013. Using this great App on your computer system is more convenient and easy as you will be able to edit any form of image and create any collage of your choice by yourself. It is well known as a photo editing and a collage creator application. It is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and trustworthy image editing applications out there for anyone willing to edit images themselves. It is worth the accolades. 

The application is only officially available on Android and iPhone smartphones; there is no any provision for this app by the developers of the app. So this write up will be of a great help if you look forward to having this application on your personal computer.


  • Not compatible with any windows version that is not windows 7 plus.
  • It is compatible with a 1GB RAM device but works perfectly well on 2GB RAM plus gadgets
  • To run this application “the single ore 1GHZ CPU” is of a necessity
  • Works well when you have a good Wi-Fi connection of at least 3G but very fine and good with 4G



Q: How many channels would I have access to?

A: By running this mobile application on your system you will have access to different channels, layouts, mirror reflection images, light impacts and many more. 

Q: Can I share edited pictures on social media?

A: The images you edited can be converted to different size of your choice and can be shared on any of your social media apps like instagram, whatsapp, Facebook and etc. Photofy gives the best form of editing as you will be able to crop images to different sizes, adjust images, add filters, use frames and do some other things.


Photofy for PC is such a great applications that consist of a large amount of editing features. You need to check it out by downloading it. Safe journey as you do that.