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Description: Paretologic data recovery pro is the advanced form of the Paretologic data recovery app. This App major feature is to restore files that have been lost or deleted from your device before. It works perfectly with electronic mails by helping to recover any attachment or messages that have been lost. It is a very good application to use with a very simple user interface.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Utility

Author: ParetoLogic

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Key Features

  • Good user interface
  • It has the ability to restore all files, email messages, attachments very as fast as possible.
  • It has a very nice scanning option.
  • It will provide you all necessary info’s of most files.


  • More than one scanning options (Advanced and standard)
  • It has the ability to scan the external disc and other files.
  • It gives details of previous files.
  • It is compatible with your email accounts.


  • The advanced scanning option is kind of very slow.
  • Messages don’t work well.
Paretologic Data Recovery PRO

Paretologic Data Recovery PRO is tested application, the download and installation process doesn’t take time. No problem or issues was encountered during the installation process and immediately after a complete set up we were able to run the application immediately.


At first, we’d thought that we will encounter a number of problems, starting from different terms and conditions. Fortunately, we didn’t record any. While we’re testing the application, it was very convenient for us to recover every file that was previously deleted on the device used for the testing. Reports of the scan were also displayed to us. Without stressing our self by reading the frequently asked questions or visiting the help section we did everything needed to be done with ease.


This amazing application offers three different forms of scanning which include;

Quick scan mode: By selecting this option, as the name implies, the app searches to locate easy to recover files by inputting the file name.

Full scan mode: By selecting this option, as the name implies, the application will adequately search by scanning both your internal disc and external disc. We were most surprised when we saw the “Guide” during this phase as it will show to you every necessary thing to be done to achieve all of this. This is most useful for novice as it will help them to quickly scan for the files with ease.

Advanced scanning mode: This advanced option as the name sounds, is the advanced form of the above listed scanning modes as it will give you details of every scan. Reports of every scan made will also be given to you and you will also be able to recover deleted email files by using this option.


It is not quite effective as it takes longer time to finish scanning. However, to be detailed, maybe it was due to the fact that we weren’t using a fair intensive app during the process while we are carrying out the test. The slow in speed may have been due to this.

In addition to this, in terms of restoring lost or deleted files, it is quite very effective even if not better, at least, it is okay. It efficiently restored back lost files like, documents, songs files and images. However, it is disappointing as the app was unable to retrieve lost digital images.

Paretologic data recovery also performed during electronic mail scans. The application was able to locate lost email messages and retrieve all the emails even including those that have been lost for a very long time ago.


Paretologic for pc

Paretologic data recovery pro is a good application as it can adequately help to retrieve music files, documents, and digital images and email messages. The application doesn’t work only on personal computers; it is also compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, IPod and a number of them. The application is very efficient in terms of helping to recover lost data on both internal storage and external storage disc. 


  • It does not have enough standard features.
  • Scanning process is not always as fast as other data recovery application software.


Losing of sensible information’s have been a common problem faced by many people of this generation just about few of gadgets users have a retrieval options on their device. Most files are lost in an unimaginable ways: some by mistakes and many more. Sometimes we tend to see that a particular file could be of a great usefulness after deleting them but to retrieve them is usually a problem so we either just let it go or do something if anything could be done.

You actually browed this page because you are facing the same issue presently. Well, the good news is that with the paretologic data recovery app on your device, you can easily get back every lost files, data’s and even email messages back



After downloading and installing this app, there is a help and support center that includes screenshots which makes it very understandable. You can easily understand everything that is there. There are also Frequently Asked Questions; this will provide you answers to any question you may want to ask. However, unfortunately, there isn’t anything like telephone support- so you are likely not going to get any help when you face any complex or critical issues when using the app.


Paretologic Data Recovery PRO app have been tested and tasted and this pro version is a welcome development to the existing paretologic data recovery. After a complete test, it performs its expected functions as it should. However, we will still like it to be updated so as to be very effective in terms of advanced scanning and in retrieving digital images.

We would also like the developers to include telephone support incase if any of the users of this application encounter any complex problems while using the application