5G, well which dreaming of more than one could be a danger to health? Concerns about the issue are mounting and as this new technology is deployed. Is mobile phone technology dangerous for health?

France is preparing its 5G deployment, which has also started in the United States and has been finalized in South Korea. While waiting for the deployment of France seeing what science thinks.

What is 5G?

The 5G is an upheaval of the current technology which is the 4 G. It will offer a flow faster than this one and an access to the instantaneous contents and a huge possibility of circulating billions of data without congestion.

It also makes it possible to easily connect to each other. 5G uses a much higher frequency band than current telephony. This is why its deployment will require antenna, a worrying prospect for some NGOs.

Radiofrequencies and health: what does science say?

Cell phones, televisions and other devices are sources of RF exposure. All this causes many fears as recognized by the World Health Organization. According to certain researches, there is no evidence now that the exposure to low intensity electromagnetic fields can be dangerous to human health.

Olivier Merkel says this “for the different sources of exposure, mobile phones being among the most present in number and intensity”, and also published an assessment made by her in 2013 of the risk associated with radio frequency.

Biological or health effects

“The main biological effect of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields is thermal in nature” This will cause an increase in temperature in areas exposed to WHO. It is the same for microwave ovens so the thresholds are imposed on portable.

But and this point is important because a biological effect does not necessarily mean a health effect, or a danger to health. This difference is moreover difficult to understand by the general public. Biological effects indicate a sign that the body adapts to variations in its environment.