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Description: You will agree with me that it is a necessity to keep ones file well organized and managed in other to avoid malfunctioning of your system and not to have a scattered unorganized files. You will also accept it if I tell you that there are many applications online that will help you organize your device files in a very comport able manner. iFile app will make it very convenient for you to transfer any type of files conveniently from your phone to your PC. It has lots of features, you can check them out below.

Offer price: Free in app purchase

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and MAC OS

Application Category: Utilities

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Key Features

  • Compatible with almost all types of Android files.
  • Good understandable user interface.
  • Easy and simple to use


  • Supports different kinds of files
  • Easy transfer of files


Transfer of files may be slow

ifile for pc

IFILE for PC is a app like other file managing but they may not support some of your files. But with IFile Application you will be able to open any type of file.

When we talk about applications with good understandable user interface iFile is no exclusion. Its user interface makes it the best among every other application of its kinds.

You will be able to easily transfer any type of files such as media files, music files, videos, documents and all other files with ease. Its transfer options is so advanced that you will be able to transfer files through Wi-Fi, cloud storage and even through Bluetooth and many others.

An application with such amazing features shouldn’t be for free but fortunately it is available for free. You can install this application on your system without paying a dime.

ifile for pc


As I have said at the beginning of this article that this application was specially created and developed for smartphone users only, you may be wondering why or how then one will be able to run this application on one’s computer. It is so easy as I made mention of a third part application at the beginning of the article. 

You will first have to install a third party application that is known as ‘Android emulator’. Android emulator is application software that will allow easy running of Android applications on system. There are many types of Android emulators but I recommend Bluestacks emulator for the purpose of this write up.


  • To start with, you need to download Bluestacks emulator on your personal computer. You can download and install this from their official website www.bluestacks.com 
  • On the Bluestacks webpage, download Bluestacks emulator, installation will start immediately after a successful download. After installing the app you can then launch the application on your system.
  • To be able to get to the Bluestacks emulator home page you will need to complete the setup by signing in to your Google account. Without this you will not be able to go further so incase, you do not have a Google account, please create one.
  • After a successful sign up, open a good browser and download “iFile APK File”
  • On your Bluestacks emulator, use the search box to search for “IFILE for PC” 
  • Double click on the iFile application Icon, press the download button.
  • It will automatically install after download process have been completed.
  • After a complete installation, launch the application and enjoy
ifile for pc

Reading through the most effective means of how to download, install and run this mobile application on your personal computer you will agree with me that is a very easy thing to achieve. However, if you still have or encounter any issues, difficulty during the cause of installation, you are free to drop comments through the comment section. Thank you!


Talking about good applications out there, the list will never be complete without the inclusion of IFILE for PC. It is a very good application that consists of series of file organization and managing features. It is compatible with different file types such as documents, images, videos, music’s, text messages and many more. Aside just managing files, users can also edit files, move, and copy and also rename files for easy access. Deleting files is not excluded also. The application is very easy to use, you don’t need any tutorial or training before you will be able to use the app. It is a smartphone device application thus it is not available for PC but you can run it on PC with the help of a third party application called Android emulator.



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This application works amazingly well, it contains multiple amounts of features with a very good understandable user interface that makes it stand out among its peers. It is one of the best file organizing apps for iPhone operating system. The good news is that it works very well without internet connections.


This is a very good file organizing application for iPhone operating system. This app was mainly created to act as a catalyst for the good functioning of iPhone devices. The graphics option is very nice, it is very simple and easy to use.


Documents pro as the name sounds is also a file organizing software, it helps to arrange files in categories according to type and favorites. It works with quite a number of files such as document files, music files, media files and many more. This application is easy to use and operates on a good user interface. It is compatible with MAC OS and windows operating system. You will also be able to transfer files from your device to your computer with ease. It is a very nice application for managing files on one’s device or system.


IFILE for PC is a application that way enjoy the best of it. It will help manage your files effectively and I’m very sure you will come back to thank me later. Thank you!