The confinement allowed an explosion of conference vision around the world. Google took the opportunity to make its solution to this problem by offering its home solution free of charge for anyone wishing to access it.

Google makes videoconferencing of an over dimensional quality available to all professionals who have a Google account for online meetings of more than 60 minutes. The question is how to use Google meet.

For personal use

Using your Gmail, Google photo, YouTube or any other goggle product you use, just log in. If you don’t have a Google account, register and let yourself be guided by the steps to follow to do so before returning to Google meet.

What is the role of Google Meet?

  • Its role is to organize unlimited number of HD video meetings
  • The role of organizing meetings in complete security, therefore encrypted in transit
  • Its role is to create proactive measures against abuses by securing them.
  • It also makes the job easier for the profession for quick successes just by sharing an invitation link to your collaborators apart from the Google Meet application.
  • Offers the possibility of sharing your screen to present documents and make presentations fluently.
  • Provides you with real and optimized tempt transcription.
  • Also allows you to record a team meeting on Google drive and view it later.
  • It allows you to follow a meeting live for bonus real-time subtitles thanks to the vocal recognition enjoying advanced technology.

Download the Meet app

  1. Go to play store first
  2. Download Google Meet
  3. Install Google Meet
  4. Go to your screen and open google Meet

There is call synchronization on all devices to be able to start a video call.

How to start a meeting from the Meet app

  1. Open the Google Meet app
  2. Then go to New meeting
  3. Select an option
  4. Get a link for the meeting and share it instantly or after.

Note: Google work users will receive an information asking them to obtain a connection to share.