Once you are done with the development and testing phase on your app, well, the moment of truth finally arrives. That moment when you publish your app on Google play has come.

It is after having downloaded your application from the play store that you must observe downloads and public notices regarding your application. Here are a few steps how to proceed to upload your app on play store.

Steps to upload your app:

These steps are

  • Start by creating a developer account

When you are at your first upload, you will need a Google account that can help create your developer account. You will be asked for information and once you accept the developer’s distribution agreement, you will then pay a one-off amount of 25USD. You can then add information such as your website, email or physical contact.

  • Create an application

After you have configured your account, it’s up to you to upload your app to Google play. Go to ‘All apps’ and then click on ‘Create an app’. Then, select a language and the name you have chosen for your app and which will appear in the store.

  • Create a Play store list

Before publishing your app you must first complete the Play Store tab. This is a list that contains information visible to users that will help them locate you.

  • Upload the application apk

It’s time for you to upload the source code of your new application. Before doing so be sure to create a version of the application before the apk first. Do it from the ‘Version management’ menu and clicking on ‘App releases’.

Choose whether you want to publish an internal test or a closed test for greater publicity or a version that will be available to all users of the application.

  • The price of your application

You must now decide if your application will be paid or free as well as the country where you want your application to be available. Note that when you have chosen that an app will be chargeable, you can convert it back to free but not the other way around.

  • Wait

You must now wait a moment for the deployment version to be available in the market. If this is your first request, it can take days.

Once you do it once you will find it easy but when it comes to a first time it becomes more complex to do. Well follow the next steps to do it easily.