More than half of the world’s population is connected to the internet every day. Many of us cannot survive without the internet for even a day.

It is therefore necessary to seek to know how to protect ourselves when we browse the internet because as much as it is visited as much as it can be dangerous for us.

Cybercrime is not the rest as it is on the rise as well as the online fraud. Find here many tips on how to protect yourself from online troubles.

Questionable sites are to be avoided

Avoid going to questionable and illegal sites, especially when they offer illegal services. This advice can be taken lightly but it is very important to pay attention to it. These risky websites are

  • pirate downloads
  • Pirate video streaming sites
  • Pirate porn sites

All of these sites are virus nests that you should avoid at all costs.

Make regular security updates

To avoid your operating system not to be vulnerable to attacks on the Internet, you should make security updates as soon as possible. These breaches of security are a failure that greatly benefits pirates. Make bets immediately after a system has offered to do so.

Choose a stable antivirus

Your operating system must always be equipped with antivirus because the computer hardware must always be protected. Do not ignore antivirus software which is good for protection of your pc against all malicious files, namely:

  • Those who hide behind benign software
  • Worms, which are received as attachments by email
  • The Horses of Troy
  • Spyware

This functionality will allow you to protect yourself against all these intrusions that come from third-party networks.

Save your data regularly

Make a habit of backing up your data on disconnected equipment. This helps you by protecting yourself against malware even if you have anti-malware installed it would be safer to consider this option.

Watch out for unknown message

Email is known to be the most powerful means for hackers to quickly reach their targets on the internet. Pay close attention to any reception through this medium.

If you do not recognize a person who sent you a message, avoid clicking on any link that accompanies this type of message. The same goes for people that you know but that the content of the message seems empty do not click.