Have your pc suddenly been sluggish for a while? Are you tired of these untimely slowdowns? Before seeing fed up and wanting to throw away your computer, try all these different manipulation to revive or restore youth and speed to your pc.

Try to do housework

Your computer needs a diagnostic first. We all know that for good functionality of your pc, it needs a free space of 15 percent of the total disc space.

If after checking this in advance and it overflows, you just have to delete files to free up some space. Try to reload some software and uninstall them normally to avoid leaving files lying around.

Pay attention to the start-up

When you start your pc, make sure that it starts up normally. This is very important because it is often symptomatic. A lot of program starts automatically at startup and can be the cause of the slowness of your computer.

To check this press Start and type mscofig then validate. In the window that will open, click on Start and then uncheck all the boxes associated with unnecessary programs during start-up.

Use up-to-date antivirus

The antivirus of a pc must always be up to date and also must be used from time to time. The antivirus is a powerful ally against the slowing down of your pc.

That said, perform regular scans on your pc and also update software for stable efficiency. Antiviruses will remove malicious viruses that slow down the functioning of your pc.

Format your hard drive

Sometimes the computer is slow because it needs to be “born again”. By formatting your pc you give it new life and new life means new performance. Save some important data before formatting your hard drive because everything is lost after this procedure.

Get yourself a new hard drive

Your laptop probably needs a new drive to function normally without being slow. If after all the previous steps your pc is still running slow, and then get yourself a new hard disc.

Prefer the SSD hard drive which is the latest technology because it will save you time because it works faster. It also consumes less energy than a classic hard disc.