The fear of anyone with a twitter account is getting hacked. This is done currently when you have many subscribers. Seeing offensive posts and messages on your account, humorous against your will is a real risk and no one is immune from this risk.

The targets of the hackers are accounts with several subscribers. Here are some quick tips to avoid hacking your twitter account.

Tip to protect your account

Here are some tips you can go through so as to bring some protection to your twitter account.

A secure password

The password is the first thing that you have to take into account when you want to secure your twitter account. It is strange to notice that the access code 123456 continues to be in the top 5 of the most used passwords.

You will agree with me that this password is very easy to guess for anyone who wants to intrude into your account. Twitter recommends using a more secure 10-digit password that includes special characters such as symbols and stuffs.

Avoid using the same password for several social networks. Get into the habit of using complicated passwords that will give them a hard time or use password management software.

Double authentication

Double authentication adds a layer of security to your account which is added to your password to create a strong barrier. A code is required by SMS each time you log in. So to get into your account you will need not only the password but also physical access to the owner’s phone to be able to hack it.

All of this makes the hacker’s task a bit more difficult and complex. To prevent your twitter account from being hacked using the SIM swapping method, be sure that you give your operator verification information that will be impossible for anyone to guess.

Adapt a security to the ingenuity of pirates

Hackers are generally motivated by penetrating “tamper-proof” systems. Your twitter account must be so secure that these hackers cannot find a way to penetrate it and even if they do you must give them a hard time. You must then put several layers of security on your account.

Prefers strong and complicated passwords which alternate depending on various accounts you use on social media. Also, prefer a password management application instead of SMS because it generates a unique code such as Google authenticator.