Do you have a small business that you want to expand on Facebook? Well, it’s not too early. Facebook is most visited on the internet after Google.

With this you see that your company really needs to be present on this platform to have more visibility and attract the greatest number of potential customers.

Despite the number of visitors on Facebook, many do not know how to create a business page. The magic in creating a Facebook page for your business lies in the fact that it gives or creates a human side to your business by allowing it to interact with customers online.

We’ll show you how to do it in several steps and become pro.

Steps to create your Facebook Business page

Here are the steps to follow so as to have one:

Have a personal Facebook account

To create your corporate Facebook account, you must first have a personal Facebook account. It is only from there that you will have a Facebook business account. Log into your personal account and then click on the link “create” represented by “+” and choose “Page”.

Enter the required information

After having clicked on ” page ”, you must enter the information of your company where it is required. In fact after this step, an empty page will appear accompanied by a window with the inscription “Create a page”. Then enter the required information as well;

  • Name – Your business name, a description of it or something else related to your brands.
  • Category – You have the possibility to add three categories so indicate a section which is really the perfect reflection of your business.
  • Description– Here you must be brief. You have to be convincing in order for your potential new customers to be convinced of your business.

Choose a captivating visual

It is very important to make the right choice with regard to the visual of your Facebook business page. It is this visual which from the outset influences visitors by convincing them to stay there “to know more or not.

So it must be treated and must also respect the names prescribed by Facebook. You can for example choose to put your logo as a cover which will certainly produce better results.

You can add a call to action button

This is a better chance for you to close a deal because it allows your Facebook page to be an asset in promoting conversions which will subtly lead visitors to a goal.

Create a gallery

Your Facebook business account also needs a good photo and video gallery about your experience and service.

Pass the message on to your friends and relatives

To get your Facebook business page up and running, ask your friends and fanatics to like your page. Why not ask the customer to take a photo in your company and publish it by identifying you.