On each phone, there is a functionality which allows you to control or consult information on the time that you have set or that you put on your phone screen.

You can know for example set the frequency at which you unlock your phone or the time of use of each application. From this information you can improve your duration or the time you put on your phone.

Configure the Digital Wellbeing feature

To display this digital functionality, go to your phone’s settings then activate the option display icon in the list of apps.

  • If this is your first time to access it you must configure a profile.
  • Open settings on your phone
  • Tap Digital Wellbeing and then Parental Control.
  • In the “Your Digital Wellbeing Tools” section, tap View your data.

Reduce the time you spent on an app per day

  1. Open parameter in your phone
  2. Press on digital wellbeing and parental control
  3. Then press graph
  4. Press on set the timer on the app you want to manage.
  5. Make a choice on the time you would like to spend on this App.
  6. Then press Set

Note; When the limit you have set is reached, the app darkens and closes. Remember that the app timers are reset at midnight.

Store apps to ward off temptation

Once you have set a time limit to spend on your screen, you must break certain automatisms. You have to put away the applications that are easily accessible by you without any effort. These apps are usually on the home screen and can be accessed even with your eyes closed.

So it is important for you to keep these apps away from the home screen and categorize apps that don’t matter to you and the least visited. This will prevent you from wanting to manipulate your phone after checking the time or a notification.

Select the applications to restrict

To limit your time on your smartphone, you should simply target certain apps less useful to you. Do not rush to delete your apps, you may not hold on in the long term. Select the ones you use excessively and limit the time you spend on them.

It is known to all that social networks are one of the main reasons for one to last on the phone, especially in this period of pandemic. So go through all the apps that you click by passing aimlessly and that you would like to use less.