HexaTech VPN for PC
HexaTech VPN for iphone

Name: HexaTech VPN

Description: HexaTech VPN for PC was created as a solution to real and more professional hackers. The app therefore employs military grade encryption to keep users safe and untouchable by online threats. Hexatech is able to carry out these functions because of its amazingly great features in built into the app. Users can expect to stay hidden while enjoying their time on the internet, switch or move to various server locations at their convenience and enjoy faster internet speed while online.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: VPN

Author: Alex

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Key Features

  • Guaranteed security using military encryption
  • Faster internet connection and loading speed
  • Change IP addresses conveniently
  • Browse the internet unseen
  • Keeps malicious sites and web trackers out
  • Several server locations for uses
  • Unblock restricted websites


  • Protects users while they are online
  • Users can stay hidden at their will
  • Users can change their IP
  • Faster internet connectivity
  • Easy to use and understand
  • No login needed


  • Problems might develop over time
  • Servers would have to disconnect
  • App may turn on from time to time
  • Few server options for users
HexaTech VPN for PC

With HexaTech VPN for PC users can enjoy protection always when they surf the internet, unlike other VPN Hexatech delivers security using a top notch military type encryption making it nightmarish for hackers or cybercriminals who want to hack their users while online.

Unblock websites

HexaTech VPN for PC

If you have issues with accessing websites maybe they are restricted by your organization or in your location, don’t worry Hexatech is ideal for unblocking restricted websites so you can access your favorite, social media or site of choice easily.

Trusted safety while using public Wi-Fi

If you happen to be in a public space and want to make use of the Wi-Fi connections Hexatech will check the connection to ensure there are no suspicious activities going on with the connection before allowing you connect.

Switch your servers conveniently

HexaTech VPN for PC

Users can switch server locations comfortably while using the Hexatech VPN, just pick out from the several locations available to use.

Stay hidden while online

You can mask your IP address or just change to another one using Hexatech so you stay hidden online and hide your real location as another location would be showing

No signup required

Just download and begin to use Hexatech you would require no login details at all.

How to Install and use HexaTech VPN For PC

How to Install and use HexaTech VPN

Using Hexatech is very easy it’s also easy to install to get your Hexatech VPN on your PC you would need to download an android emulator either Bluestacks, NoxyPlayer or Andy emulator. We however suggest the Bluestacks because it’s well-used and trusted.

How to install

Follow these steps

  • Download the BlueStacks emulator on your PC
  • Run the setup file to install
  • Open the Bluestacks emulator
  • Search for the Playstore icon and click on it
  • Once open login to Playstore
  • Search for “Hexatech” and click on the install button
  • It would be installed right into your Bluestacks
  •  Click on the icon to begin using
  • You can download this application from here

How to use HexaTech VPN

Here are steps to using the HexaTech VPN on your PC:

  • Open Hexatech via the icon on your Bluestacks interface
  • You would see the screen open and the following appear “start free trial now” click on it
  • Next you would see a “key” icon displayed it’s for connecting Hexatech just click on it
  • Hexatech is now connected next would be the locations preferred pick your location of choice
  • From there on you can navigate your way through the app its quite easy


Hexatech is ideal for users who want to enjoy maximum security, if you want to browse the internet unseen, and securely or you want to unblock websites restricted to your location this is the right VPN choice for you. Guaranteed user security and anonymity is yours through the Hexatech VPN, we recommend you use in locations with geo restrictions but you also use within the laws of your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the HexaTech VPN free?

Hexatech is free to use, just download from the Playstore via the Bluestacks

  • How can I use it on my PC?

Yes! You can use it on your PC with the help of an emulator like Bluestacks or Noxplayer

  • Does HexaTech VPN function on particular operating systems?

Hexatech works on android but will function on your Windows PC with the help of an emulator

  • Which is the best free VPN for PC?

Most VPNs are virtually free but among the best VPN available Hexatech is one of the favorites

Best Alternatives for HexaTech VPN

If you want to consider other alternatives here are a few similar VPN choices you can consider and go through.

Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN offers its users an admirably fast internet connection speed, its efficient for blocking off trackers and keeping away hostile interferences form users while they surf the internet. A very awesome feature of Thunder VPN also is its amazing range of server location choices, users can switch to various server locations and stay safely hidden away as they enjoy the internet.

To download and install on your PC


Ultrasurf helps users to bypass the internet firewalls and restrictions that are placed on sites they would love to visit. By using Ultrasurf they can access this sites with ease and be unseen as the VPN also enables them hide their IP addresses from whomever is watching.

  • Download and install Bluestacks emulator
  • Proceed to the Playstore via the emulator, the icon is in the Bluestacks interface
  • Search for the Ultrasurf VPN in the Playstore
  • Click on the green button to download the Ultrasurf VPN

Snap VPN

If you are a student or employee experiencing internet issues with your favorite site being blocked off, then this is the VPN for you. With Snap VPN users are able to access and unblock websites that have been shut off by authorities. It’s also famous for being able to unblock Netflix, users also get to enjoy online privacy and can switch servers also to remain hidden.

To download and install:

  • Install Bluestacks emulator into your PC
  • Proceed to Playstore and open the app after you login
  • Search for “Snap VPN”
  • Click on the install button, the icon will be displayed on Bluestacks after its done


HexaTech VPN for PC protects users online and guarantees a foremost user security in the VPN industry, it is known and highly regarded for this ability. There are not many VPNs using military grade encryption to ensure users protection, its ideal for unblocking websites which are restricted in your organization, school or country so you can access your favorite content easily. For online protection and security that is trustworthy we suggest the Hexatech VPN just download install and begin to experience Hexatech’s awesome features.