Word is one of the most used Microsoft programs for various services it renders such as books, letters and many more. PDF file is better for saving documents because it is difficult to edit and better still, it is compatible with many platforms.

You would surely like to know how to export from word to PDF. Well we are going to show you how to do it with your android, windows and mac.

How to export using windows?

You have just finished with your input and you intend to save it in a non-editable format on your windows? You can convert your word files to PDF even those already saved in your pc. It is possible to do it via your windows by respecting the following steps.

  1. Be sure that you have open a word file on your pc
  2. In the “File” tab, choose “Save as”
  3. Then, a list of formats will be offered to you, click on “PDF”
  4.  Finally, choose a destination folder and then click on ‘’save’’

How to export using android?

You have probably just finished editing a document and want to save it as a PDF file with your android? Well here we are going to show you a way to do it. It is quite complex with an android because you would need an applications that you will download from play store. However, we will quote some of them and also show you how to use one of them.

  • Apowersoft PDF Converter
  • Word to PDF Converter
  • iLovePDF
  • All Files to PDF Converter

Word to PDF converter

After downloading the app from play store be sure to install it. Then you just have to activate your internet connection and follow the next steps.

  1. Be sure to insert the file you want to convert by pressing “Choose file”
  2. Be sure to choose between “Linux Server” or “Windows Server”;
  3. Then press “Convert Now” and wait.

How to export using mac?

Do you have a Mac and want to convert your word file to PDF? Are you wondering how this is possible from my Mac? Well here is some step that can help you.

  1. Please open a word document
  2. Be sure to click on “file” on the left at the top of your screen
  3. Make sure you click on ‘Save As’
  4. Please enter the name of your new PDF file on the window that will appear
  5. Decide on where to save your file
  6. Choose “File Format”
  7. Then click on PDF
  8. Finally click on ‘export’

After these steps followed correctly, you have thus saved your document in the desired location.