Droid VPN Premium
Droid VPN Premium

Name: Droid VPN

Description: Droid VPN Premium will allow you enjoy all website as it helps identify and unlock full workable of public Wi-Fi servers while it also protects your privacy as it make your identity anonymous. When you reside in a country where Droid VPN is not restricted, nor have penalties to face for using DroidVPN. But you might have to face litigation in any affiliated countries if any unlawful/illegal act is carried out by you while using Droid VPN. You are not ensured of any protection in criminal cases by VPNs. It is primarily based on android though it can also be run on PC using emulators.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS

Application Category: VPN

Author: Alex

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Key Features

  • It blocks ads and speed up browsing
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth
  • Supports ICMP tunneling
  • Offers free users free data
  • Allows access to blocked website
  • It connect at just one tap
Droid VPN for PC

Using Droid VPN for PC, it helps keep users location and all other personal I.D which is the normal VPN popular service. It allows you browse with full protection, your real identity should not be allowed to go through unwanted channels. While browsing the internet free using Wi-Fi networks such as Twitter, Facebook and many other sites or restricted site, all the sites can be browsed by using DroidVPN.

DroidVPN service allows you access their server in exchange for your data while it can also keep track of your activities. You won’t be allowed to know their primary objective at first. DroidVPN, for their own benefit, monitors its user’s data.

Droid VPN for PC Features:

Encrypted traffic: You are provided with security by DroidVPN in exchange for your information

It blocks ads and speed up your browsing: Sites slow down most times due to ads. DroidVPN helps to increase the speed of the site and also blocks the advertisement.

Unlimited bandwidth: You have access to unlimited data using premium version

Grants access to blocked websites: You will be able to access blocked sites easily

Free data: Free users are granted free data

Unlimited server switch: You will be granted access to various servers.

What Are The Features Of New And Working Droid VPN Premium Account Apk?

Download Droid VPN Premium APK

Droid VPN for PC

DroidVPN Premium Account is embedded with lots of advantages. It allows installation without rooting on any Android device of your choice. To use Downloaded DroidVPN Premium APK, You will have to root your device if you use an Android version that is below 4.0.

The major features are summarized below;

If you are the type of user that gets worried about speed capping, you need not to worry again as this does not come with capping on usage.

This offers an unlimited service mostly when it comes to been aware about data limit as it bypasses 100mb limit.

Droid VPN premium is the prime choice as it offers the possible best security features with the service updating passwords per two hours.

Unlimited series of tricks can be used on wide varieties of connection which includes idea, Vodafone, and Airtel. Once DroidVPN is installed, it takes advantage of whichever network you use.

Location and IP address can be hide against prying eyes of scamsters, ISP, and regulators. While using DroidVPN, you can browse freely without the fear of getting traced.

Droid VPN for PC

With DroidVPN Premium APK, your online browsing is totally safe.

With MiM and any other possible attacks lurking on your public Wi-Fi, Droid VPN Premium APK helps you stay safe.

Frequently Ask Questions


Why Should You Download DroidVPN Premium APK? And why you should use DroidVPN Premium Account.

With the reasons why you should use DroidVPN Premium APK already explained in the section above, any VPN or mostly DroidVPN Premium APK service will surely keep you safe from any security hazard whatsoever that you might come across through the accessed public networks and all hacking attempts also.

DroidVPN Premium Account allows users make full use of DroidVPN to the fullest. It has n limitation to the bandwidth that can be used to upload or download while users are still granted access to its premium servers which are situated across US, Asia, and Europe without limits. While Premium servers have fewer crowds due to the fact that DroidVPN Premium Account subscription will only have access to them, free servers can only accommodate a specific number of users.

How to Use DroidVPN Premium Account APK;

  • Download DroidVPN Premium Account user & password file.
  • Open DroidVPN, and then click on upper right corner
  • Click on setting
  • Account, fill in your username and password that was gotten from the above file
  • On log in in, you will be granted unlimited usage and connection to premium servers too.
  • Then you enjoy 3GB free on your phone, unlock every sites and be allowed to access them and many more features
  • 100 mb limit can be bypassed with the premium Account of Droid VPN while you also connect with any UDP port.

Enjoy your Droid VPN Premium services are activated now.

DroidVPN Apk’s Alternatives:

Droid VPN for PC

Although DroidVPN seems best, but some of the most used alternative apps will be talked about below.

  •    BetterNet VPN
  •    Pure VPN
  •    Hideman VPN
  •    Express VPN

Betternet VPN: It is a great VPN application. This is a famous VPN for all users based on its log-in policy. This application maintains a free model showing video advertisement sponsored applications through with its premium version.  This has a unique and one touch interface. And their policies and financing methods are very transparent.

PureVPN: PureVPN boasts of 750 servers in 140 countries, this is the most secure and trusted VPN brand. The application does not have anything to do with the customer access period as it does not keep record of the exact time a customer used the VPN. PureVPN saves users account information like credit card and email address, furthering more with HTTP cookies for online ads.

Hideman VPN: Been a well – known VPN app, it features two types of versions, one is a monthly payment version, and the other is a free version. Free accounts are capable of using up to 2GB data. It features no log policy to pay customers. Free user logs are always deleted after 4 days. The paid version offers more benefits and chance with features that are better and great than the free version.

Express VPN: With Express VPN existence in 94 countries with over 145 locations worldwide, this is the most secured and trusted brand. The service boasts of unflinching server in Hong Kong. They specifically take over the GFW and does not make it look like are using VPN.


Normally, a VPN comes with lots of various benefits and downloaded Droid VPN Premium APK account is also not different. You will be granted access to lots of features which crowns it as one of the best when it comes to online security.

Droid VPN for PC


Droid VPN for PC The service also offers a free version although that has restrictions of most of the important features. You are advised to go for DroidVPN Premium APK and get the benefits that come with the service.