DirecTV App for PC
DirecTV App for PC

Name: DirecTV

Description: DirecTV app for pc, a direct broadcast satellite service provider is a subsidiary of AT&T and is based in El Segundo, California. DirecTV was launched on the 17th of June 1994. DirecTV is an excellent satellite that makes available to you an array of great features, it might also interest you to know that DirecTV has a super quick and smart interface, although it takes a little extra time for you to fund your way around DirecTV makes it worth it and as far as channels are concerned, DirecTV offers numerous channels, even more than you need.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Entertainment

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Key Features

  • The App for PC makes it easy for you to discover new shows. 
  • It lets you watch your favorite shows and movies with superb sound and picture quality.
  • The App for PC grants you unlimited access to TV shows and movies. 
  • DirecTV app offers more than 50,000 shows and movies on demand


  • DirecTV provides you with loads of channels to choose from.  
  • DirecTV can be used anywhere and at any time.
  • DirecTV is free of all costs.
  • With DirecTV the NFL Sunday ticket is available.


• Unreasonable price hike after the second year

DirecTV App for PC

DirecTV App for PC is a powerfully dynamic HD DVR that greatly increases your TV experience. Genie HD DVR solves the problem of recording conflicts as it is able to record up to 5 shows all at once. Genie HD DVR is also able to wirelessly connect about 8 TVs to just one device.

Genie also recommends and suggests new shows based on your preferences. Just in case you forget to record your favorite show Genie lets you watch it even after 72 hours. Picture and Picture programming is possible with Genie, how fantastic it is to watch two shows at once. 

ii. Anywhere and Everywhere

No matter where you are, DirecTV App for PC makes it possible to watch whatever you want to watch so long as you have an active internet connection, you can watch whatever shows you like on live TV and On Demand. 

iii. On Demand 

This is an excellent feature that lets you have unlimited access to your preferred movies and shows with your active internet connection you can still watch shows even 72 hours after they aired. 

iv. Language 

With DirecTV App for PC language is not a barrier at all as DirecTV is also accessible and available in the following languages:  Italian, Spanish, Korean, Filipino, French, Chinese, Korean etc. 

How to download and install DirecTV on your PC

download and install DirecTV on your PC

DirecTV application is only available for android devices hence the need to use an emulator if you want to use it on your PC.

What is an Android emulator?

An Android emulator is an AVD (Android Virtual Device) that depicts and stands for Android devices. An Android emulator enables you to use android applications on your PC. 

Below are the steps you need to take to first download and install your android emulator (I suggest BlueStacks android emulator) before downloading and installing the DirecTV App for your PC. 

• Go to the main BlueStacks website
• Select the “BlueStacks download” option 
• After the download, open and launch the BlueStacks app
• Allow your device to get familiar with it
• You will see a BlueStacks App player symbol on your PC, tap on it.
• You might have to tap on it twice to open the BlueStacks App player document
on your Windows 10. 

• Using your active Google account, sign in to the app. 
• You can now download and install the DirecTV apk from a trusted a APK site, again, I recommend “APK Mirror” as it is safe and reliable. 
• After this download is completed, search for the “DirecTV apk” using your built in Play Store app.

• Go through the results and select the correct option.
• After selecting, tap on the “install” button.
• Wait out the installing of the app as it would take few minutes.
• After the installation has been successfully completed, move on to your BlueStacks app

• Search for the DirecTV icon under “My Apps” 
• Click on the icon and heave a sigh of relief because you just concluded the process 
• Enjoy your favorite movies and shows on DirecTV.


DirecTV is amazing, it is basically TV on the go, it gives you access to various channels from various parts of the world, with great movies and TV shows at your disposal. DirecTV is worth the trial if what you need is an awesome satellite service provider.

Frequently asked questions


Can I share DirecTV with my neighbor?

It is not right for you to share DirecTV with your neighbor although it seems like a natural or even nice thing to do, DirecTV refers to it as “theft of service”   

How can I watch DirecTV in two locations?

The only way to watch DirecTV in two locations is by having two accounts even though there are exceptions for using your service in your RV. You can also switch locations by changing your billing and service address. 

 Can you put DirecTV on vacation?

Yes, you can temporarily suspend the service of your DirecTV until you’re ready to use it again. 

Best Alternatives DirecTV App for PC

alternatives DirecTV App for PC

i. Philo – Although new, Philo is quickly taking over the video streaming business giving you unlimited access to various popular channels including: Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, MTV, BBC America, Nickelodeon etc. Philo is supported by virtually all devices and allows you to personalize your profile and keep shows you might want to watch later for up to 30 days although Philo is not free you get a free 7 days trial that will definitely convince you. 

ii. Sling TV – With Sling TV you get about 30 live channels which includes the popular ones, you are also allowed to personalize and customize your service to your taste.

iii. Hulu – The most impressive thing about Hulu is that you get to choose the features and channels you want to pay for. Hulu also gives you original content and lets you watch shows from local channels even after they’ve aired. 


DirecTV App for PC could actually put its users into consideration and review its contract as there are a lot of complaints as regards the price hike and yes, it feels like a trap because you can’t just opt out, thanks to their foresight and the contract,

your account might be cancelled but you still have to pay a certain amount of money until the two years you signed for are over but then DirecTV is everything, there’s hardly anything you need TV related that DirecTV lacks so before you get into it, it will be a nice idea for you to pause and weigh your options.