Description: Cooking craze for Pc is a restaurant cooking game that entails players to satisfy their customers with food and drinks at a given period. To play this game, you will be asked to cook, bake, and serve customers. It was released initially on June 26, 2017, and developed by Big Fish Games. The game also allows players to compete with other players worldwide in the chef's tournament and win delicious awards. The super goal is to attain as many coins as possible, upgrade your restaurant and pick up enough comment cards.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, Windows

Application Category: Games

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Key Features

  • Amazing graphics with easy controls.
  • The game is exciting and entertaining for users.
  • The ability to answer so many customers at short period sparks time management and speed.
  • It consists of quite many cooking and baking equipment that aids the satisfaction of customers.
  • The game has time for every level to attain maximum points.
  • Coins reward for every level completed.
  • Upgrade of appliances for an increase in cooking speed.


  • Easy access to play because Internet connection and registration is not needed.
  • Improve cooking skills.
  • Fantastic and fresh graphics.


  • Annoying for people with low interest in cooking.
  • Too many irrelevant ads.
  • Addictive and obsessive.
  • Time-consuming.

COOKING CRAZE for Pc is quite easy game to play; you simply prepare food and drinks to serve customers on time; the interface enables users to enjoy the optimum gaming experience as it has fascinating and attractive graphics.

Variety of distinctive levels and challenges

The game offers a lot of unique levels that are attached to different approaches.

Daily Tasks and reward.

Some tasks can be given daily such as; serve a particular number of customers, log in to Facebook, sell dishes, etc. additional rewards often accompany daily tasks.

For every day you return to play the game rewards have been awarded to you, they can be used to upgrade bakery

Cupcakes and spoons

Cupcakes enable customers to stay for more time and also happier to wait. Cakes are stored in bakery and are given once in every 4 hours. They can also be baked by upgrading your bakery.

How to install Cooking Craze On Your PC.


To download and install is a bit simple.

1. Download Bluestacks on your PC

2. After downloading and installing Bluestacks on your PC, launch the software.

3. Be patient while it leads you to the home screen, then the play store icon comes up.

4. Search for “cooking craze” on the search box.

5. Click on the app and download it.

6. Wait for the installation process to be completed.

7. Then move to the app section on “Bluestacks” and launch your app.

8. Launch the app and start to enjoy the game.


How to play. 

The Cooking Craze For Pc is an eye-catching game and very entertaining, the following tips will give a clear view of how to play the game. It’s straightforward but quite challenging

1. Serve customers with the exact food combination they need using your kitchen equipment.

2. Fill up star bars before time elapses.

3. In case you are having difficulties, Level guides also provide tips on how to do your mission.

4. More coins are won by creating combos,

5. Using boosts enables you to pass some particular levels.

6. Upgrading kitchen equipment aids satisfying of customers on time.

7. It is compulsory to have experienced to play other lives; once you fail a particular level, your lives reduce by one.

8. Spoons are used to increase and restore lives.


If you are a Cooking Craze For Pc game lover, I will recommend Cooking craze for you because of it’s impressive graphics and ability to spark time management while playing. Every level has its own unique and challenging goals to achieve, ranging from the simplest to hardest. However, it is very advisable that one takes occasionally break due to the addictive effect of the game and also to have time to do other paramount duties.

Frequently asked questions for the cooking craze


What does “Cooking craze” means?

The word “cooking” simply means the process of preparing food for humans to eat or consume. While “Craze” may say something wildly out of control or insane. Cooking has been in existence for over 2 million years.

How many levels does the Cooking craze have?

There are over 900+ levels to win.

How can I download a Cooking craze on my PC?

Cooking craze can be downloaded on Bluestacks and NOX app player.

What is the highest level of the cooking craze?

Each restaurant comes with 40 levels aside from the two beginning levels, so Level 40 is the highest in every restaurant.

What happens to the money earned and level passed, if you uninstall and reinstall the app?

Money and levels are cleared off after uninstalling the app, to attain the same money, and level players are to start from the beginning and move to higher levels.

Best Alternatives for the Cooking Craze For Pc

Alternatives for the Cooking Craze For Pc

Cooking diary:

Cooking a diary is an exciting and fun cooking game; it is one of the best tasty restaurant and cafe game. It is currently available on Android phones and also PCs.

How to install a Cooking diary.

I. Download the MEmu installer on your PC.

II. After installation, start Google play on your PC.

III. Search for “Cooking Diary” on the search box.

IV. Click on the app and install it.

V. After installation, you can now begin playing by clicking the “start” icon.

Cooking fever:

Cooking fever is a fascinating cooking game that entails players managing different restaurants at various locations, preparing food and drinks for customers, and serving them at a given period. The rewards include cash and stars to move to the next level.

Operating system: Windows.

Price: Free

 How to install cooking fever on your PC.

1. Download and install “Bluestacks” android emulator on your PC.

2. After installation, launch the app, and complete google sign-in.

3. Find “cooking fever” on the search box.

4. Click on the app icon and install it.

5. Once installation completes, click “cooking fever” icon on my apps

6. You can now enjoy cooking fever on your PC.


The cooking craze is a game that is very enjoyable by all. It tasking levels and little time to complete them help improve your time management and critical thinking skills.