CM VPN for Pc

Name: CM VPN

Description: CM VPN for PC is the VPN app that ensures the protection of users from online hackers, cyber theft and criminals, this VPN specializes in ensuring that your personal details like you credit card details are not obtained by fraudulent persons who frequent the internet just to obtain these information. Using CM also helps protect against an unethical behaviors from your network provider, the app will also speed up your device.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

Application Category: VPN

Author: Alex

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Key Features

  • Protect your vital information while online
  • Stay hidden as you surf the internet
  • Access restricted websites
  • Very easy to use and understand
  • Ensures you can’t be tracked while online
  • Fast VPN service and connectivity


  • Keeps hackers away
  • Protection of user’s data
  • Hides users location while online
  • Access to restricted websites


  • It cannot unblock Netflix
  • Creators are too secretive
  • CM collates users browsing history

CM VPN for pc keeps users safe by protecting their vital information when online, it ensures that details like your credit card doesn’t fall into the hands of cyber thieves who are always prowling the internet to steal such data, with CM you can conduct your online transactions in safety.

Stay hidden


If you want to also stay hidden while online CM can ensure that you browse the web in total anonymity, far from prying eyes and external surveillances, the VPN will mask your IP address.

Requires no login information

CM doesn’t require its users to login to the internet just simply download and begin to use.

Access restricted websites


CM allows you access websites which have been blocked off in your location or are possibly not available you would be able to access and enjoy their content using the CM VPN.

Wide range

CM offers users a wide range of server options in the thousands from over 12 different countries around the world giving users a wide variety to choose from and switch to

How to Install and use CM VPN for PC

How to Install and use CM VPN for PC

Downloading the CM VPN is very easy, although the app isn’t available for PC yet with the help of an android emulator you can conveniently run CM VPN on your Windows PC. Just follow the steps we highlighted to get started.

How to Download CM VPN

Follow these steps

  • Download and install Bluestacks
  • Proceed to Google Playstore via the app icon in Bluestacks
  • Login and search for the CM VPN
  • Click on the install button
  • It would be installed directly into your Bluestacks
  • Click on the icon to open and launch CM VPN

How to use CM VPN for PC

Here are steps to using the CM VPN on your PC:

  • After installing CM VPN on your PC
  • Open the app via the icon
  • You would see the word “Connect” in the center and there might be a default server with the USA flag
  • Click on the flag icon and you would be taken to the page for server selection and location
  • Select your server choice of location by tapping on the country name
  • Next go back then click the “connect” button in the screen center, it will begin connecting
  • When connected it would show you what has been achieved “you are connecting via our “Italian server”
  • An icon will display that a private network is established, your IP address is hidden
  • If you want to connect to a Wi-Fi connection simply click on the test button at the bottom
  • It will test if the connection is safe for your use


CM VPN is sure to deliver to users’ prime safety and secure connections as they surf the internet, you can be sure that your personal data is protected while you are online. CM will also give users access to blocked websites in their location or organization. Browse the internet securely, switch to various servers your choice, stay hidden and enjoy a fast VPN service while using the CM VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the CM VPN free?

The CM VPN is free with no cost at all

  • How can I use it on my PC?

You can enjoy this awesome VPN service using an android emulator on your PC

  • Does CM VPN function on particular operating systems?

CM is compatible with android and iOS systems.

  • Which is the best free VPN for PC?

There are many VPN choices out there but CM VPN is in a league of its own.

  • Does CM require access to your personal information

Yes! CM will store your browsing history and logs

Best Alternatives for CM VPN for PC

Here are other similar VPN choices for your perusal


NortonSecure is an amazing app that provides top security for its users wherever they are, Norton protects against cyber theft, viruses and even apps installed on your phone. The app will let you know if any apps are accessing your information without your permission. The Wi-Fi security feature will keep you safe while using a public internet connection. Norton presently has over 10 million app installs.

To download and install on your PC

  • Download from your Windows store by opening the app
  • Search for the “NortonSecure” app click on it when found
  • Tap the install button it will be installed directly into your PC


BitDefender is a well-known provider of privacy and security apps this app will keep you safe while online and also allow you unblock websites restricted in your country or location.  You can also hid your IP address and browse anonymously.

  • Proceed to your Windows store and search for the app
  • Once found click on it to download it would go right into your PC


Surf VPN offers its users online security as they browse the web. Surf will also enable them switch from server to server to stay hidden awhile online. Users get access to Surf’s free servers, the VPN also offers a fast connection speed and will also keep users safer from intrusions from hackers.

To download and install:

  • Get a Bluestacks emulator downloaded in your PC
  • Download the APK file via this link
  • open Bluestacks and drag and drop the APK file into it
  • it would be installed right into your Bluestack
  • use the icon to open and begin using


CM VPN for PC is browse the internet safely and securely using the CM VPN, access your preferred websites, stay hidden and enjoy this unique and fast VPN service. Although there are many brands out in the market CM VPN is one you can trust for your online safety anywhere you are. Download now and begin to enjoy.