The question of whether it is possible that your phone is hacked is obviously yes. There are many reasons that can attract hackers to your phone to hack it. Your smartphones is consulted on average 52 times a day for various uses such as to consult your bank account, to go shopping and even to confirm your identity.

Hackers are attracted to all of this information so it would be best to consider It is therefore important to know if your phone has been hacked or and also to know how to avoid them.

How to avoid mobile equipment hacking:

  • Protect your phone using an antivirus suitable for your phone whether it is an Android or an iOS. This will help you protect your data from hackers.
  • Make it a habit to download apps from the official app store on your phone. Applications downloaded from unofficial sites are sometimes malicious.
  • Public Wi-Fi networks can be a risk and a route to hack them so be careful when using one.
  • To provide better security to your phone, be sure to update your mobile security system constantly.
  • Do not hesitate to check your credit card statement regularly. In case of suspicious payment, contact your bank immediately to report.

Signs that your mobile equipment has been hacked

  1. When you see an appearance and an unusual text message reception, it could be a sign that your phone has been hacked. When a hacker takes over your device, strange events can occur as they infiltrate your phone to load their malicious file. So do not ignore the malicious or strange operations that are happening on your phone.
  2. Do you receive order invoices for online purchases that you did not order? Well that’s the job of the hackers who get access to your phone. Check your bank balance to detect them early on and avoid them.
  3. If you notice that your phone is suddenly overheating, it may be an app that is acting behind your phone.
  4. You may be infected with malware called “adware” which manifests itself by flooding pop-up windows that lurk behind your phone sending unreported advertisements.