Android Manager Apps For PC


In this new world, we adequately use so many files on our Android device and we are so keen to using them only. There are lots of files so you will agree with me that it is something of great importance to organize those files by effectively managing them.  In this article, we have written a list of quite a number of some Android manager apps that will assist in syncing, organizing, managing and ability to control your Android phone on your PC conveniently.  With the below listed applications, you will be able to manage your files.



Description: This is a very good Android /PC file manager app. It has the ability to manage application effectively and efficiently, you will have access to controlling your Android device via your personal computer. This software application is compatible with almost all Android devices and it is undoubtedly one of the best Android manager apps for personal computers.

Operating system: Windows and MAC OS

Price: It is free for trials however for a yearly license you will need to make about $30 dollars yearly and for a lifetime license you will just have to pay about $40.


  • Ability to connect your Android device to your computer system with ease
  • You can adequately make screenshots on your Android device
  • You can alter contacts and have the ability to to send SMS messages on your personal computer directly.
  • Transferring Android files to your computer Is a very easy thing to achieve. You will also be able to transfer text messages, Contacts, Call history, Songs, videos, images, documents and even application easily.
  • You also have the ability to either uninstall or install your Applications on your personal computer.
  • With no stress, you can manage your multimedia files on your PC.
  • You can include or remove files on your phone as you want.
  • With just a single tap you will be able to restore or backup your Android device.
  • You will have the opportunity to control your phone from your system.



Description:  In case you are not familiar with this app, it is one of the best desktop manager apps for computers. It have a series of good features that will enable you to manage and organize your contacts including text messages, documents and all other files on your personal computer. With this application you will also be able to backup and restore your Android phone.

Operating system: Windows XP, 7 and Vista.

Offer price: Free in app purchase.


  • It allows easy transfer of files and resources between IOS and Android phones through a PC.
  • Ability to transfer text messages to your computer with ease
  • Ability to manage and organize your phone files on your computer system
  • Transfer data or files from your device and system with ease.


  • Compatible with almost all types of Android files.
  • You can install or uninstall Android applications.


  • Using it for the first time will consume a lot of time to install the driver.
  • Transferring many files is usually slow.


MOBISYNAPSE System Tool app

Description: This is also an amazing application. It is also a PC manager that could also be used to sync files on windows computer. It will give you access to transfer different type of files that varies from images, apps, multimedia files, music’s and many more from your mobile device to your personal computer. You can easily connect the two devices together through the use of cables or Wi-Fi.

Operating system: Only windows OS

Offer price: Free for trials however a normal plan for 3 computers cost about $30.


  • Ability to backup and restore android files to your PC
  • It will enable you to transfer different variety of files with ease.
  • You will be able to send text messages, delete and organize files through your computer.


  • Good understandable user interface.
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Works perfectly fine on windows OS


  • You can only retrieve and backup applications, sms messages and contact
  • It does not contain many features like other applications in its category



Description: Mobogenie is a popular Android file manager application for personal computer and not just that it can also be utilize as a downloading tool for device files. It can be used to transfer messages, multimedia files, music, contacts and many other files between your Android device and your computer system.

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, XP and vista.

Offer price: Free 


  • You will be able to Manage and organize Android applications including text messages, contacts and other files through your PC.
  • Install and uninstall applications on your Android phone.
  • Ability to restore and backup your mobile application files.


  • Nice user interface
  • Simple and easy to use
  • With just a single click,; you will be able to use the advanced tool to root your device.
  • You will be able to update your mobile applications through your computer.


  • Called a desktop manager app but mostly used for the purpose of downloading files on Android device.



Description: Although it is called a desktop manager application software; it is most widely used in transferring applications. It has been in existence for a very long time now and it is compatible with any type of Android files but not application files.

Operating system: Windows OS

Offer price:  Free in app purchase.


  • Access to check recent call history
  • Ability to search, import, export and add contacts on your PC.
  • It can be used to scan all the files on both your internal and external device storage.
  • Efficient in transferring files form Android to the computer.
  • It will also enable you to sync your device with your PC.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Very fast in transferring files between your PC and Android device
  • It surely don’t consume too much of spaces


  • It is an old Android manager application on PC so it has bug issues.
  • To use this software on your PC you may also have to download the application on your Android device
  • The user interface is archaic.


Managing your apps is very necessary, the above is a list of the best Android manager app. Check them out and enjoy.