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Name: Amino

Description: Amino for pc is a social networking application that facilitates communication between various people, enabling its users to join diverse communities and converse with new people from different parts of the world with a common ground. One very beautiful thing about Amino is its beautiful interface that promotes easy navigation.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Social

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Amino for PC

Amino for PC allows you to join various communities based on your interests and likes, in these communities you learn, contribute and meet new people who might end up being great friends to you.

ii. Stay updated 

Amino for PC keeps you updated, it lets you know what’s going around the world and in its different sectors such as : entertainment, media, fashion, sports, lifestyle e.t.c. Amino keeps you informed.

iii. Meet people 

Amino is a full blown social networking application, you get to meet new people with similar interests as you, new people you never would have met otherwise, new people that can prove to be of immense value to your life. 

 iv. Videos 

On Amino you get to watch unlimited videos and even share yours too. Getting great comments on your videos could build your self esteem the same way getting negative comments could shred it but this feature remains one of the most enjoyed by the users of Amino.

How to download and install Amino on your PC

How to download and install Amino on your PC

To download Amino on your PC, you need an android emulator, you could check the internet for android emulators and download anyone of your choice, BlueStacks or NOx player should do just fine for you.

After downloading the android emulator, install it and run it on your PC, you can now follow the steps stated below to get Amino on your PC :

Log in to your Google account from your android emulator 

Using your search bar, look for “Amino App” 

Click on install when you see your result

Wait for it to install, open your Amino and enjoy.


I recommend Amino to adults who would like to meet new people from different parts of the world, Amino is a great app but its use should be done wisely as quite a number of people have been found to get obsessed with it. 

Frequently asked questions


Can you make money off Amino?

It is possible for someone who has experience with YouTube to make Amino stories and get paid in return 

Is Amino getting shut down?

Although there are quite a number of arguments against Amino, the application is not getting shut down.

Can amino read your PMs?

Amino can read your personal messages because they are stored on Amino server alongside other posts on the Amino app.  

Is it hard to learn how to use Amino?

The Amino app is very easy to use, all thanks to its simple and smart interface, you can easily find your way around in no time.

Best alternatives Amino for PC

Best alternatives Amino for PC

i. Reddit – The users of Reddit are able to be a part of and connect with more than a hundred thousand vibrant communities and post as much as they want about whatever you like. There’s something for everyone or Reddit, if it isn’t Amino for you, check out Reddit.

ii. Wishbone – Wishbone is all encapsulating, talk about sports, lifestyle, and entertainment, music e.t.c. Wishbone allows its users to have conversations, relate and vote for posts every day. Wishbone is a very good alternative to Reddit. 

iii. Ask FM – Ask FM facilitates the asking and answering of all and any questions by users. In over 40 different languages questions are being asked and answered by the users of Ask FM, basically for social networking Ask FM is another good substitute for Amino.  

Amino for pc


Amino for pc is a fantastic application but with lots of arguments against it basically because of the kind of content its users are exposed to and the acceptable age of its users. Amino provides an impressive service in the area of social networking and communication and it also attempts to control conversations, group chats and its users it seems impossible to not miss some content and rules but to the best of their ability Amino protects its users privacy.

In summary, Amino is a superb app for adults and parents can protect their children by forbidding them to join until they’re old enough regardless of what Amino’s terms of policy says. Teaching children about online safety is also as effective, helping them understand the importance of privacy and what to look out for in conversations, parents can also resort to using a parental control app like “Famisafe” to be sure their children are doing very well in their online engagements.