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acapella app

Name: Acapella App

Description: Acapella App for PC is a musical app made for musicians, singers and also wannabes it’s a fun app that allows them create amazing acapella videos by themselves without any additional help. The app also allows users to share their creation on social media after creating. There is also an Acapella community where users can join other singers who are Acapella users and share, connect and improve on their acapella skills. The app contains instruments for making the perfect acapella sounds and rhythm.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

Application Category: Entertainment

Author: Alex

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  • Usability
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Key Features

  • Create your own unique acapella videos in real time
  • Use the free metronome to keep up with the rhythm
  • Video playback feature
  • Collaborate with your friends
  • Online Acapella community
  • Sync your videos with audio recordings
  • Record your own karaoke performances and share


  • Make your Acapella videos yourself
  • Cheap to make your videos
  • Fun community
  • Helps sharing and skill improvement
  • Record your own Karaoke 
  • Edit your video and audios
  • Personal mixcord accounts
  • Saving your acapella videos


  • Issue with app interface may occur
  • App recorder not function sometimes
  • Videos take too long to render
Acapella App for PC

Users are able to create their own Karaoke music anytime anywhere at absolutely no cost to them. If you are a musician or singer Acapella App for PC allow you create your own video using the multiple instruments available in the app, you can also edit and save your videos in a personal mixcord account within the app. You can also sync your videos with audio recording and come out with an awesome acapella production.

Create your own video collage

This feature allow users to create their videos and combine them with music, it gives a greater effect to these pictures and videos and make sit more fun and beautiful to watch.

Join the online community

The Acapella community is a fun place for users of the app, users can join and partake of the sharing, opinions and skills of other users it’s a great place to interact.

Perform and share karaoke

Karaoke performances are fun and this app makes them even more fun with the Karaoke feature sing and have fun creating your Karaoke and share with your friends or fans.

Work with friends

Users can collaborate with their friends to produce amazing acapella videos and create quality music together

How to Install and use Acapella App for PC

The Acapella is currently available on android and iOS versions but there are no versions for PC yet, but not to worry with the help of emulators you can run and enjoy the Acapella app on your PC no stress at all.

How to Download

Follow these steps

  • Download and install an android emulator like Bluestacks
  • Launch the BlueStacks app on your PC
  • Download the Acapella APK file using this link
  • Open the Bluestacks app then drag and drop the APK file into Bluestacks
  • The app would begin installing instantly
  • Next when done proceed to the Acapella icon it will be on the screen of your Bluestacks
  • Click on the icon, now you can begin using and enjoying
How to use Acapella App for PC

How to use Acapella App for PC

Follow these to use the Acapella app these guidelines will show you how to record a new video “Record a new video”

  • Connect your phone to your headphones
  • Open Acapella app then tap on the red Acapella button
  • Next click on the “Record new” button
  • Next click on “Yes” to proceed
  • You would get to a screen saying “Classic or Premium”
  • Pick any you would be directed to different frames which are for different number of videos click on your choice
  • Next select the video length, you would be taken to the picture frame you selected click on any part to begin
  • Next up touch the camera icon to turn the camera inwards or outwards if you want to record another person
  • It’s easy to figure out from here on


Acapella is the go to acapella app for making awesome acapella videos, are you a singer an entertainer or musician, or just an acapella lover you definitely should give this app a try and have fans loving your videos as you improve on your acapella skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Acapella App free?

The app is free to download and use.

  • How can I use it on my PC?

Simply download an emulator and you would begin to enjoy.

  • Does Acapella app function on particular operating systems?

Acapella functions on android and iOS systems.

  • Which is the best free Music and Audio app?

There are other apps out there but the Acapella app stands out in its genre.

Best Alternatives Acapella App for PC

Alternatives Acapella App for PC

Thinking about other apps you can try? Here are some alternatives to the Acapella app.

Choir player

This app was designed to help singers, particularly choir singers or anyone else practice their harmonies the app helps users practice from a variety of songs already available in the app. Users can practice and ven record their own solo performance to see how they performed and also improve on it.

To download and install on your PC


Chordchord helps singers practice their singing, it enables them find the best chord progressions for their songs. The app also caters to a variety of music types and will help you improve on your musical compositions.

Compose sheet music

This is the ideal app for music composers, you can compose your music by entering notes via a piano keyboard. Users can also enter notes, rests, triplets and other types of rhythm. There is also a feature which allows users enter lyrics via the lyric tool. If you compose music this app is definitely for you.

To download and install:

  • Install BlueStacks emulator on your PC
  • Download the APK through this link
  • Drag and drop into Bluestacks it will begin installing
  • When done the icon will appear on the Bluestacks screen


Acapella App for PC is the ideal acapella maker very few are available for this genre and very few can match what the app does. If you want to make great acapella videos at no cost at all then this app is perfect for you. Consisting of great features and an exciting online community the Acapella app is sure to deliver to you maximum satisfaction.